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How does SharePoint Lookbook inspire businesses to be more interactive?

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SharePoint Lookbook

Microsoft SharePoint is a service provider for businesses to display the possibilities of improving their business. Some various features and functionalities help the business owner to run smoothly. 

Here, SharePoint Lookbook increases the possibilities of building a modern intranet. You will discover some modern experiences with the help of experts in the industry. The platform connects the business by empowering the new generation of communication and intellectual content. 

What is SharePoint Lookbook?

It is a pre-designed template that is available for SharePoint sites. There are downloadable templates that Microsoft hosts with different designs and short descriptions. Users can choose and download the templates that provide the perfect look and feel for your SharePoint site. 

Microsoft builds SharePoint Lookbook to inspire businesses to deliver a great user experience. The first time you create and design a site or update an existing one, the Lookbook SharePoint online has some good solutions. 

Users can get templates under the organization, team, department, solutions, schools, and community. The purpose of the SharePoint lookbook is:

  • Different templates for landing pages, team or community sites, and departments. 
  • You get building blocks to fit the requirements of the business and remove the ones that are not used anymore. 
  • Capability to set a demo about SharePoint site environment in just a few minutes
  • There are additional components or customize the prototype for the target audience 
  • As a developer, you can build components and test them to ensure they are delivering the right solution

How can you use the SharePoint Lookbook template?

  • Select a template and click on it. 
  • After choosing the right one, you will be redirected to another page.
  • Click on Add to your tenant
  • It will redirect you to sign in SharePoint tenant 
  • Once you enter the credential, you can view the option to change the Site/URL title. 
  • If you plan to change it, you can find the default Title or URL and click on Provision
  • There will be a message saying Provisioning Completed
  • Now copy the site URL and open the website

What are the benefits of using the SharePoint Lookbook for your business?

  • Templates can be installed on your SharePoint site with minimal effort. If you plan to train the users about SharePoint usages, you can quickly build a ready-to-go site. This is a great enhancement when compared with building pages from scratch. 
  • Any user can install a template if they have the right permissions or you might want to hire a developer for the SharePoint site. If you have the right skills, it will be easier to customize the platform as per your requirements. 
  •  Instead of displaying the pictures of the web page design, you can share some working pages. 
  • The SharePoint lookbook is a good beginning to start experimenting with the design of your site

Why is SharePoint used for business?

SharePoint has been in the industry for more than a decade now while focusing on increasing many organizations’ work efficiency. It has some amazing platform features to make it easier for the users to work together and establish the business procedures for document publishing, recording data, and information sharing.

There are some sharepoint features like co-authoring, integration, security controls, and versioning to provide your business with a better capability. SharePoint provides the ability to:

  • Check Out the document when you want to prevent any other editing or authoring 
  • Make the workflows through logic by automating actions like sharing, emailing, and collecting information
  • Users need approval on documents before they become visible 
  • Get notifications when the documents are uploaded, or any updates are made

This helps boost the productivity of a business, and SharePoint Document collaboration to share information with others is effortless. 

What are the advantages of SharePoint for the users?

  • Real-Time Collaboration 

Organizations must work and share documents in real-time to provide a smooth workflow. Even multiple employees can work on the same document as real-time editing is visible. Every change in SharePoint documents made by team members is synchronized automatically, eliminating the issue of multiple versioning. 

  • Sharing Data 

There are chances that you want to share the data with other team members for necessary updates at some point. It has been challenging for a single person to handle documents for editing, sharing, and modifications. SharePoint Lookbook helps streamline the process of sharing information in a smarter way to edit, review, and share. 

  • Highly Consistent User-Experience 

Microsoft SharePoint integrates with web browsers, email, and web applications seamlessly. It offers a streamlined user experience with great features and functionalities. With the right approach, you can interact and collaborate with your employees. 

  • Ease of Customization 

It is easy to modify the platform as per your business requirements. SharePoint gives you the freedom to effortlessly deal with navigation, design, features, and content. You can build a personal user interface to make it easier for the employees, improving productivity and efficiency. 

  • Centralized Information 

It is inevitable for the business to escape from documents and data management. The real challenge is the accessibility of documents. In the case of Microsoft, SharePoint provides a centralized centre to share documents, manage data, project management, and track updates. 

The Final Note!

You can use the to find the templates and begin with the designing at the very right moment. Each template available can be customized based on your requirements. 

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