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The Complete Buyer’s Guide To Safety Boots And Footwear: A Must Read!

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At the workplace, foot injuries are the most common incident. There are two categories of foot injuries:

  1. From punctures, cuts, sprains, fractures: this type of injury affects your foot directly and causes you severe damage.
  2. From slipping, tripping, falling: the harm caused by this does not necessarily disturb your foot but can be the reason for fatigue, tiredness, and temporary swelling on your foot.

To prevent yourself from going through such kinds of mishaps, one should wear safety boots while working.

Footwear According to Your Surrounding

While selecting the right safety boots, you should keep in mind the environment of your workplace and the profession you have. Following are the situations of how one can get hurt and what kind of safety boot should be worn:

Slippery Surface

If the surface where you work is slippery and greasy, then the boots with the maximum grip and tendency to hold are what you need. The grip is necessary to prevent risks of falling caused by polish, oil, water, or any other greasy substance. Thorogood Work Boots provides you with the best options to consider.

Lying and Falling Objects

For the professions like carpenters and plumbers work with nails, screws, and several sharp-pointed objects which are lying here and there if the soles of your boots are not thick enough, then there are high chances of punctures. So boots with thick soles are required for such professions.

If you are working on construction sites, then you should be careful about falling objects. In such cases, steel toe boots are necessary.

Electrical, Chemical, and Thermal Areas

If you are working in an environment where Tricity is a major threat to your life, then you should wear shoes having non-conductive soles for protection against electrical shocks.

In workplaces where chemical accidents can happen, you should wear knee-high boots to protect yourself from acid spilling or other corrosive substances.

If you work in the factories or some other places where the temperature is extremely high that you can be the victim of any sort of burns, you should wear thermal boots. They are specially designed for preventing burns.


If you work at the places like factories or warehouses where you assemble the equipment, move trolleys or roll heavy objects, then steel toe boots will be perfect for you.

To give you safety from hazards, Thorogood Boots is also providing you with the best range of safety shoes for all types of surroundings.

Footwear According to the Profession

Along with knowing the surroundings of your workplace, your profession also makes your boot search easier. The proper guide of the safety boots according to your occupation is as follows:

For Plumbers

Plumbers often work on watery and slippery surfaces. In such cases, waterproof boots with tight grip are suitable for them. Thorogood waterproof composite series would be perfect for plumbers.

For Electricians

Electricians mainly work with circuits and wires all the time when the danger of electric shocks is hovering to protect yourself from such hazards. Wearing boots with non-conductible soles is preferred.

For Welders

For the welders, boots are not the priority as compared to their equipment, but we can not deny the importance of these safety boots at their workplaces. If you are welding with potential burning debris falling on you, then your casual shoes won’t keep you safe. In such a case, safety boots having 8″ higher leather uppercase are helpful.

For Carpenters

As the carpenters work for the long hours standing and working. If your boots are not durable enough or have uncomfortable insoles, then you are in trouble. Wearing durable and comfortable boots will be helpful.

For Construction Worker

Working on a construction site where groups of people are doing different allocated tasks with machines, concrete, and scaffolding. So you need to protect your toes from getting injuries and limping when the day ends. Steel toe or composite boots are recommended for such kinds of workplaces.

Numerous brands are offering safety boots in the market, but the best one, which is more durable, comfortable, of high quality than Thorogood boots, is the one for you.

Recommendations For You

  • Thorogood Men’s 804-4303 Infinity FD Series 8″ Waterproof Composite Safety Toe Work Boot ($199.95)
  • Thorogood Men’s 864-4089 Infinity FD Series 9″ Waterproof Insulated Outdoor Boot ($219.95)
  • Thorogood Men’s Infinity FD 17″ 800g Insulated Waterproof Rubber Boot ($189.95)
  • Men’s Foreshocks 6 in. Slip-Resistant Steel Toe Work Boots, W02053 ($129.99)

Final Words: 

That was it. We hope after reading this article, you can purchase the right safety shoes for yourself. Remember, when buying safety boots for your workplace, make sure that shoes have enough to fit your toes comfortably. Right-sized safety shoes must accommodate an extra pair of socks easily. Use this trick to select the perfect size for your safety boots.

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