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Get Free Public APIs to Power Your App

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APIs are often considered a life-saving, time-saving, and hassle-free method that accelerates fast operations. How? API or Application Programming Interface can be described as a medium that bridges communication between two specific programs in a typical format where both applications can analyze. Through an API, the owner of an application has the opportunity to uncover some of its features to a third party and keep the majority safe with themselves. 

It is of immense help for a content developer or marketer to make use of a premium application, its features, and its functionalities. The most advantageous part is, there are certain free public APIs that comprise plentiful functionalities. For a beginner, those free APIs might just be the right thing to opt for. There are numerous categories of API like marketing, email and messaging, website, map, news, image and video, social media, and several open ones. This article will cover the top ones from each category. 

Free Marketing APIs 

Below are a few of the marketing APIs:

  1. Hubspot API 

This is one of the best APIs that surprisingly comes with a free version. This API makes way for you to curate your organizational solutions for sales, service, marketing, website strategies, and so on. This tool allows you to add on to updated functionalities to prevailing robust marketing software. 

  1. Yahoo Search Marketing API 

Through this Yahoo API, you can utilize Yahoo’s marketing data for you to handle your marketing campaigns efficiently. It offers filtration and tailoring of the data you would need with the help of this well-documented solution. 

Free Website APIs 

Read on to know about the free public APIs of websites. 

  1. Google APIs 

Topping the list is the famous Google API that makes working so easy with its innumerable products. Through this, the integration of AdSense, Maps, AMP to Blogger becomes very convenient. 

  1. WordPress APIs 

This API is noted for enabling the extension of WordPress capabilities. They are categorized according to needs and therefore are of great help to plugin developers and themes. 

Free Email and Messaging APIs 

Some of the email and messaging APIs are:

  1. Telegram API 

There are two APIs to Telegram, one is the Bot API that offers a connection of bots to Telegram permitting sharing of messages as an interface. Another is the Telegram API which helps develop your own version of Telegram with complete customization. 

  1. Hunter API 

Through this API, you can easily trace the email addresses of several organizations and professionals. This medium helps you trace numbers that are not instantly available publicly. 

Free Map APIs 

Location API offers abundant help, and the following are some of them:

  1. Mapbox API 

If you are a developer trying to develop custom dynamic apps, then this is one of the best APIs for all geolocation data needs. The data is released through 10 diverse APIs for different needs. 

  1. ArcGIS API 

Looking for a robust API for your mapping and data visualization requirements? The ArcGIS API is the one. You can conveniently create instructional charts with geographic data displays involving both 2D and 3D maps. 

Free News APIs 

Some of the news APIs are:

  1. The New York Times API 

This API is simply perfect for providing you with around-the-world knowledge. It contains all articles, lists, bestsellers, tags, movie reviews, and so on. 

  1. Associated Press API 

This is another news API offering access to content, media, election data, and metadata that additionally offers access to Associated Press’s taxonomy and tagging system. 

Free Image and Video APIs 

The top free image and video APIs are:

  1. Shutterstock API 

Through this API you have complete access to Shutterstock’s library that enables you to search, view, license, and download media. 

  1. YouTube API 

You definitely need to ask your API provider for YouTube API, and you can add it to all your sites and apps. 

Free Social Media APIs 

LinkedIn, and Facebook, are some of the top social media APIs. Check them out:

  1. LinkedIn API 

 This API allows you to add the LinkedIn component to your apps and sites like sharing insights on LinkedIn, uniting LinkedIn learning, expanding your marketing efforts, and more. 

  1. Facebook API 

This API offers a hub of APIs and additional developer assets for writing and reading data from Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp. This will even aid you to compose social media posts and operate your social media marketing activities as well.

Some of the additional free APIs are Spotify which lets you play songs, albums, artists, and more, QuickChart which helps create chart and graph images, and so on. It is essential to opt for the right API provider who lays out a bunch of different API categories. 

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