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Get Creative in the Bedroom With Male Sex Toys

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Although it might seem as if the male sex toy industry is scarce (compared to the female sex toy one), there are actually quite a few choices one can make in order to spice up their sex life. 

There’s still quite a bit of stigma surrounding guys and sex toys (especially those that might be considered a bit racy), which is unfortunate. However, those of us who are undeterred by toxic masculinity and willing to indulge ourselves can have quite a bit of fun in the bedroom. If you are looking for a high-quality and budget male masturbators, Tracy’s Dog got you covered. Shop for high end sex toys at Tracy’s Dog

But how exactly can sex toys help us get more creative when it comes to our sex lives? Aren’t they just a means to an end?

Why Male Sex Toys Are Amazing

Sex toys for men can be a means to an end, of course. After all, they are designed for the sole purpose of giving you pleasure. However, they can also be multifunctional. There’s more to sex toys than just getting to orgasm in a quicker manner.

Using sex toys to play around with ourselves can greatly improve our physical and sexual health. Not to mention, it can make us last longer in bed. A lot of men talk a big tits galleries when it comes to how much stamina they have, but using sex toys can greatly help us avoid being “all talk, and no game” type of men. 

Practicing with a sex toy can help us improve our stamina and learn how to be the nice guys (who finish last).

The World of Sex Toys Is Vast

As mentioned, the sex toy industry is huge, and that means there’s something for everybody. Seriously, you can take your pick between dozens of categories of sex toys — from the straightforward male masturbators to high-tech blowjob machines. 

Depending on what you’re looking for (if you even know what you want and need), you’ll find hundreds of different toys that will make your “me time” more pleasurable and exciting. And, if you don’t know what you need, you’ll definitely get inspired. 

It’s important to note that there are no one-size-fits-all toys out there. Something that works for most men is the best the industry has. However, toys aren’t meant to pleasure just about everybody (that’s why there are so many of them). Therefore, it’s vital that you pick the right one for you. 

Finding the Needle in the (Huge) Haystack

If you have no idea how to pick the right toy, don’t worry. There are a few ways to ensure you pick the perfect pleasure companion. 

First of all, think about what you need. Are you just looking for something to blow off some steam? Perhaps you need something that will take over for you (so to speak)? Or maybe you need a toy that can help you out in more ways than one? 

Either way, some quick research beforehand is an excellent idea. 

Once you have a general idea of what you need, you should focus on two things:

  • features
  • size

When it comes to size, the process of picking the right toy is pretty straightforward. Don’t let your ego get the better of you. Pick the toy that’s the right size for you and your capabilities. This especially goes for those men who are more on the daring side and are willing to try out backdoor toys. If that’s the case with you, always start small and work your way up.

We’d all like a toy that can do everything for us. However, it’s always better to pick one that has a few key features that we need. For example, some toys vibrate while others offer a different sensation thanks to their sucking features. Both of these sound not only fun but also a new experience for many, which is why it’s vital that you figure out what you want beforehand. 

Solo Play

Sex toys offer you two huge benefits:

  • They can help you achieve better, stronger orgasms.
  • They are an amazing tool that can help you figure out what you really like.

Now, most of us have been masturbating for years. We know what we like, how we like it, and most of us can safely say that we know how to masturbate. 

However, it’s always good to continue exploring. Even if you have your masturbation routine down to the last move and consider it perfect, exploring new ventures is a good thing. By using sex toys, you can figure out how you react to different types of stimulation. What’s more, you can do it while you’re on your own. That way, you don’t have the added pressure of trying out a new thing in front of someone else.

Plus, once you figure out which sensations really do it for you (and which definitely don’t), you’ll be able to guide your partners better. Communication is a huge part of an excellent sex life, but it doesn’t really work unless you have some pertinent information to share with your partner. 

Partnered Play

And, speaking of partnered play, it’s also important to note that sex toys can do more for your sex life than simply give you pointers that you’ll pass on to your partner. Even if you get a toy that’s designed for solo play, it can still have a huge role in the bedroom.

Introducing Sex Toys Into the Bedroom

Sex toys can really spice up your sex life. They are a novelty that will shake things up and maybe bring back some of that “honeymoon phase” excitement that your partner and you perhaps lost along the way. 

Getting into a sexual routine happens to everyone. We’re all guilty of having uninventive sex. However, once in a while, you might want to try something new and surprise your partner with a sex toy.

Of course, no one should spring sex toys on their partner with zero warning. However, you can instigate a conversation about them, and if they are willing, try out something new. 

Your new sex toy, even if it’s designed just for your pleasure, can make a huge difference. Your partner can use it on you to bring you more pleasure, which, in turn, will be exciting for them.

If nothing else, it will be a new experience you get to share with your partner, which will bring you closer. 

Edging and Other Wonderful Games

Edging is a great form of play where one partner keeps pushing the other to the edge of orgasm, only to back off. After doing this several times, the anticipation and excitement grow, and the subsequent orgasm is much stronger than it would have been.

Sex toys for men give you and your partner more control when it comes to edging. Therefore, they make playing easier and more fun!

It’s Not All About the Orgasms

As mentioned before, sex toys aren’t just a means to get to the Orgasm Land quicker. They can also help you build up your stamina and switch up the way you masturbate. 

Some men have the trouble of being able to orgasm only when stimulated in specific ways. This is great because they know what they like. However, it can be an issue with new partners who aren’t intimately familiar with your masturbation process as you are. 

Playing with a toy can greatly help us in this regard. It allows us to masturbate to completion in another way than we’re used to. 

Of course, it also helps us with our stamina. Be it by edging ourselves or by simply practicing lasting longer, sex toys are a great joy and an amazing aid for everyone who might be a quick shooter.

A Few Parting Words

Coupled with other massive benefits sex toys have, it’s clear that all of us should have at least one (or a few!). No matter which type of a toy you pick, just make sure you’re using it correctly and with plenty of lube!

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