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Distance Work For Better Result?

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Distance Work For Better Result?

Microsoft has published the results of a large study on the effectiveness of remote work. When analyzing the activities of 61,182 employees, the corporation came to the conclusion. Their productivity has declined. But the problem is not in the lowering of individual productivity, but in the functioning of the collective as a single organism. Communication became asynchronous. The exchange of knowledge was disrupted. People began to communicate less often with colleagues from other departments and receive new information. Some companies create different gaming stations for their employees. You can try and use the 22Bet login and then share your opinion on the internet. 

Steve Jobs’ Ideas

It’s not for nothing that Steve Jobs designed the Pixar headquarters with the idea. It was about employees from different departments who would often cross paths at restrooms, cafes, and gaming areas. But technophiles don’t care about past experience. They are excited by new trends. They are ready to follow everything that changes the future according to the futuristic attempts of the authors of some Wired. In 2020, a lot of lyrical schedules were written about the fundamental shift of corporate culture towards remote work, but then I said that you should not imitate the giants of the Valley.

There are many works confirming that among liberals. There are much more supporters of all kinds of restrictive measures than people of conservative views. Thus, decisive slogans about the transition to remote work were primarily aimed at gentle California Democrats, terribly frightened by the coronavirus. It was a successful HR marketing, which also made it possible to index (read “reduce”) the salaries of those who left the Valley.

Google was one of the first to announce the transition to remote work, and at the same time, since the beginning of the pandemic, it has bought real estate for several yards of dollars. Why, when telecommuting improves efficiency, according to a number of claims and headlines? Politicians and corporations have accustomed people to remote work. But they cannot wean them off and admit their mistakes.

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