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The Best Conference Call Services For A Small Business In 2021

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Nowadays every origination required conference call services because of the pandemic situation no one can want to meet physically that’s why suddenly in 2020 conference call services is on the boom. You need the right platform to manage everything, whether you need to have a quick talk with your boss about a customer or you need to hold a 100-person webinar over video.

In the age of global pandemics and remote labor, they’re more important than ever. Whatever your budget, there’s something on this list for you. I’ll show you my rating system as well as the best conference call services free available today.

Top Conference Call Services

Now we discuss the best conference call services which are mention below. We are covering the top 10 conference call services providers and conference line services.

  • RingCentral

RingCentral- conference call services

RingCentral, for starters, is a convenient one-stop shop for all things communication. RingCentral is more than just a powerful conference call tool (more on that later); it also includes ordinary phone conversations, video calling, and messaging all in one place, allowing you and your team to interact in a single communication platform: RingCentral. You may connect with up to 200 individuals at once with RingCentral’s conference call services. 

If you wish to turn your conference call into a video conference call, it also allows for screen sharing and public and private discussions. As a result, your guests will be able to browse information swiftly and answer questions in the chatbox without distracting the speaker.  By dialing the number provided in the invitation, anyone can join right immediately. 

There’s also a smart-switch option that lets you transition between devices—starts a meeting on your phone, then switches to your PC when you get there: RingCentral meetings are also secure—just add an optional password to all of your conference call sessions to keep uninvited people out.  You can also use the Single Sign-On option to allow your members to quickly and easily log in to RingCentral using their work credentials. You can also use the team messaging function to provide action items or notes to guests following a call:

When paid annually, the “Essentials” bundle costs $19.99 per user each month at the time of writing. This pricing includes up to 20 users, business phone and toll-free lines, team messaging, voicemail-to-text, and unlimited business SMS and calls inside the US and Canada.  

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  • Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams- conference line

Skype was the go-to video conferencing provider a few years ago. Microsoft Teams, the Microsoft 365 communication hub, allows users to quickly move between group chats and conference calls for quick collaboration, with a maximum of 250 people.

You’ll need a dedicated Audio Conferencing line, which costs $4, if you’re in control of the meeting or organizing it. Customers that sign up for Audio Conferencing will be granted a toll-free number that will be automatically assigned to them.

  • Webex

Webex- free conference call services

Webex is a conference call service offered by Cisco. You can use it to host webinars, broadcast large-scale virtual events, learn online, give remote customer support, or simply communicate with a team member. Participants can join audio-only meetings using a toll-free dial-in number, and a Call-Me feature allows the conference line to call you directly, avoiding the need to remember the meeting number or password.

This program is identical to a lot of other conference call programs on the market. Because Webex is a video-focused conference call platform, many of its features are connected to video discussions. Screen sharing, chat, and video connections are all supported by Webex, as are many of the other conference call programs on this list. Premium plans also show participant information in the discussion, such as their firm or job title, which is useful if you’re talking to huge groups or making sales calls all day.

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  • Join.me

Join.me- conference call services providers

Join.me’s mission is to make team communication as simple as possible. Audio conferencing participants just dial a toll or toll-free number and enter a password, whereas video conferencing participants can join without downloading any apps or software, making.

It is easy for participants outside your company who may not use the app on a regular basis to participate.  Local conference numbers in the United States and more than 50 countries, audio controls for meeting hosts, and the ability to participate via phone or the internet are just a few of the advanced audio features. With conference bridge services, all participants can join via their preferred way, and everyone ends up on the same line.

  • FreeConferenceCall.com


FreeConferenceCall.com’s concept is simple: it’s a service that offers completely conference call free services. You can host audio or video conferences for groups of up to 1,000 people. Despite being free, the platform provides some of the most complex conference features seen in paid services, such as remote drawing tools, recording capabilities, private chat, and screen sharing.

  • UberConference


UberConference claims to offer free video conferencing with no PINs or app downloads; it’s a conferencing platform that lets users talk, video chat, and share their displays from anywhere.

By dialing into your UberConference number or sharing your UberConference URL, you may start a conference with UberConference’s Instant Conference Call feature.

This frees individuals up to focus on the conversation at hand rather than taking notes. The platform generates a report with the next steps, a link to the call’s recording, and other pertinent information, relieving your team of the effort of drafting a follow-up plan. It’s already prepared for you:

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  • Vonage


Vonage is a commercial cloud communications company that provides conference call services for small business and others with flexible and scalable phone, text, video, and data services. Communications APIs, unified communications, and contact centers are the three key areas of their offering.  A conference call can be held in a variety of ways with Vonage’s Unified Communications service.

Simply provide each conference guest a bridge number and invite them to participate, then utilize the moderator dashboard to quickly add and remove people.

You can use their Call Conference option, which is included in the Unified Communications package at no additional cost, for smaller conversations. This only allows for a three-way chat, but it does allow you to add a new caller without having to create a new number or password. Vonage has unveiled Vonage Meetings, a communication platform that allows team members to hold call meetings, send SMS messages, and schedule group meetings all on one platform.

  • Mitel


The MiCloud Connect platform from Mitel is a simple-to-use, all-in-one cloud communications, collaboration, and contact center solution that runs on Google Cloud, making it stable, secure, and scalable. Its collaboration features include audio and video conferencing, as well as web-based collaborative viewing and sharing of files and screens. Participants can be called out for a more convenient call experience, and meetings can be scheduled in advance or started on demand.

Participants can join calls using a conventional web browser to stream audio and view shared desktops, so there’s no need to download software ahead of time. As a result, both internal and external participants will be able to attend calls on time and without added stress. Participants can avoid talking over each other by using the raise-hand option in Mitel’s conferencing features. This is particularly beneficial in larger groups when multiple people may wish to speak. If you employ the raise-hand feature, your conference calls will run much more easily.

The number of participants that can participate in each call is, however, limited. On the most basic package, just eight participants can join an audio conference call services, and only four people can join a web conference with desktop sharing. You’ll have to switch to the Elite plan if you need more than 25 individuals on each call, which can be more expensive for many small businesses.

  • Fuze


Fuze is an online meeting and contact center software that integrates phone, HD video conferencing, integrated chat, and document sharing. By utilizing a single application experience for both end-users and administrators, Fuze provides a smooth experience for both.

With Fuze’s all-in-one platform, your calls, meetings, and contact centers are all in one place. Call transfer, conference, parking, call recording, and voicemail are all included in Fuze, just as they are in standard PBX systems. It also offers a tailored experience in over 110 countries, allowing distributed businesses to use it as a single consolidated voice carrier.

For conference calls and meetings with up to 1,000 participants, Fuze provides HD audio and video. It, like the other apps on this list, allows you to share dynamic screens and information in order to elevate your meetings.

  • ClickMeeting


GetResponse’s ClickMeeting is a webinar platform that also allows you to hold conference calls. Although ClickMeeting is generally used to host webinars, it also provides a number of useful and practical conference call features for staying in touch with coworkers and collaborating.

It’s worth noting, though, that the skills it provides are tailored toward conveying information because it’s primarily a webinar tool. ClickMeeting, on the other hand, is malleable and incredibly configurable, and it could be a perfect choice if you’re searching for a video conferencing solution with an engaging user experience.

As a collaboration tool, ClickMeeting has a lot to offer, and with its webinar features, it obviously offers something that goes beyond video conferencing. Its monthly expenses begin at $25 and are billed once a year. If you want to give it a try, there is a 30-day free trial available.

Which Conference Call Services Are Best?

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to selecting phone conference call services and conference calling services that are right for your company. Your demands will almost certainly differ from those of your clients, vendors, or even competitors, so while it’s helpful to acquire recommendations on what’s working for others. If we suggest webx is best when you select a paid conference call services, but when you going to pick a free conference call services Microsoft team is the best. There are no telephone conference call services. Overall conference call services review is good when you have a good internet connection.

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