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Bathroom Automation: The Future of Home Makeover

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When it comes to home makeovers, the critical element is comfort. Choosing the right home appliances is essential to upgrading your home. Having a renovated bathroom can significantly shift how you spend your time in the bathroom.

Like every other aspect of your home, your bathroom can be turned into a smart bathroom too. However, to make things easier, you need the right bathroom automation. This blog will look at how the right bathroom automation can make your bathroom smarter.

Why Should You Automate Your Bathroom?

Automating your bathroom is the best way to save time, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. By implementing automation into your home, you can spend less time cleaning and more time doing other things like sleeping or having fun with friends and family.

The thought of having to clean up after yourself is stressful enough. Add in the fact that there are tons of products on shelves in stores everywhere. Some of which may not work along with all those unknown chemicals inside each bottle/jar/tub. It gets pretty overwhelming.

There’s also no guarantee that these products will work as advertised. So, some might be harmful rather than helpful. All these concerns fade away by automating your bathroom by using an app on your smartphone (or tablet). Because now, everything gets done immediately without needing any human intervention whatsoever.

Bathroom Automation Ways

  1. Smart Bathtub System

Bathtubs are great for your health as well as your skin. They can improve circulation and keep your body cleaner than a bath. There are a variety of bathtubs available. But the most popular and most common is the freestanding bathtub.

A freestanding tub is quite stylish and an excellent addition to any bathroom. The freestanding tubs can be placed against a wall and do not require a base for installation. Freestanding bathtubs are commonly made of acrylic and are used for bathing.

The acrylic allows light to penetrate and helps to produce a feeling of spaciousness. You can find various kinds of freestanding bathtubs in the market. For those who want a large tub, extra wide freestanding tub is the way to go. There are a variety of styles, materials, and colors to select from.

They’re more space efficient than built-in tubs and are ideal for high-traffic areas such as guest bathrooms. Apart from being a convenient tub for bathing, some freestanding tubs are also used for hydrotherapy.

A smart bathtub system can be controlled by voice, phone, or knob. It could also use the same technology as your thermostat and heater to control other aspects of your bathroom, like lights, temperature, etc.

There is a remote that can control the unit’s settings and water temperature, ensuring that the right amount of water is being used to reduce the water bill. It is also an excellent method of saving both water and energy. A smart shower system can be installed anywhere you want it.

  1. Automatic Faucets

Automatic faucets are the best option for your bathroom. An automatic faucet is a faucet that turns on and off automatically when your hands are placed under the stream of water. It is controlled by a sensor placed beneath the water stream.

The sensor keeps track of the presence of your hands beneath the stream of water and turns on the faucet automatically. The sensor is of two types. One is “motion activated,” and the other is “hand activated.” The motion-activated sensor is found mainly in public places like schools. When you wave your hand beneath the stream of water, the sensor is activated, so the water starts flowing.

Another benefit of automatic faucets is that they are very convenient and easy to use. Anyone can figure out how to use them with little effort. They are affordable, efficient, and hygienic. It reduces water wastage. 

  1. Mood Lightning and Wireless Speakers in the Bathroom

Mood lighting is a popular way to add atmosphere to your bathroom. Several options are available, including LED lights. It can be controlled by an app on your smartphone or smart speaker. A room-size speaker like the Sonos Beam or Bose soundbar will allow you to play music while bathing or showering.

For those who prefer their bathrooms without additional illumination, there are also other ways to add mood lighting and ambiance without having them installed there:

  • Bathroom mirrors with built-in LEDs
  • Wall art with ambient lighting built into it
  • Ceiling fans (which also have built-in speakers)
  • Incandescent bulbs—anything that gives off light but doesn’t require electricity will do
  1. Automatic Toilets

Automatic toilets are the most common type of toilet automation and can be found in homes worldwide. Automatic toilets use sensors to detect when you are approaching and closing your door, which activates the flush mechanism.

Once activated, it can be used as usual until you open or close the lid again. It means automatic toilets are convenient and hygienic – no more waiting for someone else to come along before using the loo.

Automatic toilets are also easy to install because you only need a screwdriver or drill. However, specific models may require specialist skills depending on how they’re built (e.g., some might require drilling into concrete walls). 

As with any DIY project, there’s always an element of risk involved. But if done correctly, there shouldn’t be any damage caused by installation errors either. So long as instructions were followed closely enough (which should always happen anyway).

Final Thoughts

The future of home automation is here, and it’s a great way to make your bathroom look amazing. You can automate your bathroom today. It’s easy, affordable, and will save you time in the long run.

We think that automation will be one of the most popular ways homeowners can customize their homes in the future. Why? Because it’s simple! With an app on your phone or tablet (or both!). If necessary, you only need an internet connection and essential tools like a screwdriver set or power drill – no plumbing knowledge is required.

Experimenting with different settings and options can be fun and exciting. While also knowing that every day will be better than the last when it comes to hygiene. Read more if you’re interested in learning more about automated bathrooms. 

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