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All About Screen Printing Equipment

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There are several ways to print, but one of the most common is screen printing.  To use this printing method, you will need some equipment.  This article discusses some of the basic pieces of equipment.

If you are only making custom designs at home, you will need a manual press, not an automatic press.  Since most often people make their own t-shirts, a flatbed press or t-shirt printing machine will do.  However, oddly shaped items, such as coffee cups, can also be printed with screen printing machines.

These presses also vary in the number of colors they can use.  You can choose between four-color and six-color models.  If you’re making personalized t-shirts at home, a four-color press should be perfect for your needs.

You will also need some small equipment to use in the screen printing process.

You will need to use a squeegee to apply the ink to the screen and press it to the backing.  The type of squeegee you use will largely determine the quality of the result, and they come in different sizes and different stiffnesses.

Most importantly, you will need a screen or stencil.  This is where you will place the graphics you want to put on the backing.  You can make your own screen if you have a fine grid and a rigid frame.

There are different types of inks that can be used for screen printing.

Water-based inks are very common, but they take time to dry.  Another option is plastisol.  It has the advantage of an instant drying time.

Depending on the type of ink you’re using, you’ll need one drying or curing method or another.  If you’re using a water-based ink, you’ll need a textile dryer or drying rack to give the ink time to dry after printing.

You can also use plastisol as described above.

This ink dries immediately when exposed to temperatures above 320 degrees Fahrenheit.  To use plastisol, however, you’ll need a quick-drying unit.

These are some of the most important elements of screen printing equipment manufacturers.  The screen itself is one of the most important elements because it is where your graphic or design will be printed.  You will also need a method of drying or curing the material, depending on the type of ink you decide to use.  Also, make sure you have a good quality squeegee, as the quality of the print you get depends a lot on this.


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