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Access Console – What is Console Access to Cisco Devices!

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Console Access is a vital subject for networking students, so within this lesson, I will explain console use of ‘cisco’ devices. All ‘cisco’ router and switches possess a console port also referred to as the management interface. It’s accustomed to connect a pc straight to a router or switch and manage the router or switch. The console port can also be employed for initial configuration.

Normally router console port is definitely an RJ45 port. A Rollover cable can be used for connecting the Serial/COM port from the computer towards the router or switch console port. It must type RJ-45 to DB9 Console access cable and RJ-45 to RJ-45 Console access cable.


The terminal software programs are also needed for being able to access the router and switches. The Tera Term, Putty, and Hyper Terminal are often accustomed to connect to the router and switches on the console port. Many People use Putty software for console access. The figure below shows the terminal window of putty.

The cable can be used for connecting the serial port from the host and also the console port around the device. Nearly all computers and notebooks are actually manufactured without built-in serial ports.


When the host is applying a pc with no serial port then your USB port may be used to set up a console access connection. For this function, a USB-to-RS-232 compatible serial port adapter is needed while using the USB port.

The ‘cisco’ Integrated Service Router G2 supports a USB connection. It ought to use USB Type-A to USB Type-B cable, plus an operating-system device driver.

The motive force for this kind of cable can be obtained from world wide web.’cisco’.com. These routers are utilizing two console ports, just one console port could be active at any given time. If somebody connects the USB cable towards the USB console port, the RJ-45 console port becomes inactive.

When the USB cable isn’t connected to the USB port, the RJ-45 port comes into action. Within the situation of connecting the USB cable, the kind-A side ought to be attached to the computer side and also the type-B side ought to be attached to the outside.Access Console – What is Console Access to Cisco Devices!

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