Home Technology A blog about text to speech and how you can add speech to your website using texts

A blog about text to speech and how you can add speech to your website using texts

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A blog about text to speech and how you can add speech to your website using texts

Adding a text-to-speech system to your website or blogs can enhance user engagement. However, the success may be based on how the system converts your work to a fine-quality voice. Hence, selecting the right AI voice generator to meet your requirements is a major part of the story. But, first, you should know what text-to-speech is and how it can work well for your website?


The first text-to-speech was developed in 1968, so the technology is pretty ancient. TTS points to the ability to convert readable text into an audible format. It generates a sound using waveforms from the text converted into phonemic characters. The systems offer specialized vocabularies, dialects, languages, and voices.

Advantages of TTS

A website can enjoy too many benefits by using TTS software for its services. It can boost every customer experience by integrating conversational AI and TTS into its website.

The installation of TTS helps them manage pre and post-sales services efficiently, minimizing the involvement of human agents and offering a more personalized service with reduced operational costs. The system enhances your overall customer experience and offers multiple contact points to generate better assistance, consistency, and emotional contact. The system is not just for e-commerce websites but also for bloggers.

A blogger who wants to expand their reader base can easily do it by adding speech to their blog website using advanced text-to-speech software. It will make their content accessible to those who have vision issues and reading disabilities. It will make their content easy to hear for those on the go. You no longer have to read content and focus on the screen. Just put on the headphone, and you can access any content you want. It makes clear, human-like customizable TTS voices to reach people all over the world in every corner. So, integrating audio into your website expands your business reach.

Why should you use Play.ht text-to-speech?

  • Customizability: Who doesn’t need the option? Play.ht offers you over 832 voices in more than 132 languages to choose from. You can change the audio voice to match the theme of your website. Choose a style that goes well with your website.
  • Multiple language support: With more than 132 languages to choose from, you have a unique voice for user engagement worldwide.
  • AI support: The AI-based voice generator helps to offer a natural-sounding voice and automated recognition to know what part of the web page needs to be converted.
  • Speed control: It gives you flexibility on the audio speed while keeping the pitch smooth.

Adding speech to your website using TTS is simple:

  • Highlight the text that you want to convert into audio.
  • Choose the language and voice along with the other features, such as speech style, fine-tune rate, pitch, pauses, and voice tone.
  • Preview one paragraph or the complete text to know how it will sound.
  • Once you find it fine, you can click on Convert to transform it.
  • The file will be available to you in WAV or MP3 form. Embed it on your website and give easy audio access to your listeners.

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