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7 Most Trusted Online Platforms to Visit while Selling a Used Car

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The craze for buying a new car never dies! Be it the dream of owning the latest luxury car, flaunting a fancy sports car, or simply investing in a comfortable family car, everyone wants to have the best they can afford.

Amidst the frenzy, it is indeed a challenge to sell used cars in Pakistan at a reasonable price. However, things are changing now.

With the continuous increase in fuel prices and the steady inflation rate, the country’s middle class seems to be looking for used cars instead of buying brand new ones.

So if you are also part of the clan and are looking for used cars for sale in Pakistan, you’ve come to the right place!

Below we have listed some of the widely trusted and most authentic websites for checking out used cars for sale. You can sell or buy a used car, according to your budget from these sites, in no time. 

  1. Car Mandee

Car Mandee is one of the most authentic and user-friendly platforms when it comes to online buying and selling cars.

From fancy SUVs and convertibles to sedans and hatchbacks Car Mandee has a wide variety of cars to choose from. Whether you want to buy a new car or are interested in used cars for sale, Car Mandee is there to help.

If you are in for some reviews to learn about the specifications and features of your dream car or are simply looking for an answer to your car-related queries, Car Mandee is the best website we have to offer.

So if you are looking for used cars for sale in Pakistan that suits your budget and requirement, feel free to trust Car Mandee to decide for you.

Services they Offer:

  • Reviews for cars in the market.
  • Platform to buy or sell used cars
  • Platform to buy or sell brand new cars
  • Through the “Sell Your Car” feature Car Mandee can sell your car for you.
  • Compare cars, Get a valuation, and a Video call demo before buying a car.
  • Car financing
  • Addressing automobile queries
  • You can trust the experts to buy a car for you at Car Mandee
  • Latest news regarding what’s new and hot-selling.
  1. AutoDeals PK

If you are looking for Japanese cars for sale in Pakistan, AutoDeals PK is the right place for you.

The website is officiated by the Government of Pakistan and you can completely trust this site for buying or selling local and imported cars.

The website was launched in 2011 and for 11 years AutoDeals PK has been helping people to buy the car of their dreams.

If you want to sell your car, just post an ad on their site by filling out a form and you are good to go.

Services they Offer:

  • Provide automotive parts
  • Aids in car financing and custom clearance
  • Auction sheet verification
  • Import your dream car
  • Inspection of used cars for sale
  • Active blog on automobile issues.
  1. Car Deals

If you are into Classic luxurious cars, Car Deals is the platform to trust. Founded in 1966, this is Pakistan’s oldest automobile platform.

If you are looking for luxury cars for sale in Pakistan, you must give this website a visit.

Services they Offer:

  • Trade and Exchange
  • Beforehand verification of car documents
  • Executive Pickups


  1. Car Finder

Working in Pakistan since 2008, Car Finder is another automobile website you should keep an eye on while buying or selling used cars.

They have listed a wide variety of used cars to choose from and if you want to sell a used car you can post an ad for free.

CarFinder also allows you to compare different automobiles to evaluate and get the best price for yourself.

Services they Offer:

  • Buy or sell brand new cars
  • Buy or sell used cars
  • Expert opinions for local car dealers
  • Lists the best workshops, available near you
  • Compare and evaluate different automobiles.
  1. VAVA Cars

If you are too busy to complete the protocols and want a hassle-free way to buy or sell a used car, try VAVA Cars. 

This website is cut to the chase and very user-friendly. If you are looking to buy a used car for sale or thinking of selling one in no time, VAVA Cars is a must to visit.

They provide free value estimation and help you buy or sell a car in just 3 steps.

Services they Offer:

  • Free value estimation for new and used cars for sale.
  • Free inspection for new and used cars for sale in Pakistan.
  • Instant payment using an online banking facility.
  • Browse from the numerous options listed to buy a new or used car.
  • Online down payment facility to make a reservation (lasts 3 days)
  • Home delivery with a 10-day money-back guarantee.
  1. Gaari

Gaari is a newbie in the online automobile selling market, however, it seems promising.

Looking for a used car for sale on Gaari is convenient and time-saving.

You can search for your desired car by sites or by brand names, compare it with other cars and connect with local dealers to speed up the process.

Services they Offer:

  • Buy or sell a car, bike, or other commercial vehicles.
  • The car price calculator instantly calculates the price of your car upon entering specifications.
  • The car fuel cost calculator estimates the fuel consumption and cost of the car you are about to buy.
  • Online vehicle verification saves time.
  • Automotive spare parts can be searched on the online portal.
  1. CarFirst

CarFirst is the first of its kind automobile selling platform, online.

With a network spread almost all over Pakistan, CarFirst provides a secure and time-efficient platform for buying and selling new and used cars.

Services they Offer:

  • Valuation of money
  • Car inspection
  • Before-hand document verifications
  • Sell a car in any condition


Check out the options listed above and enjoy a hassle-free dealership. We hope one of these trusted online selling platforms can help you sell a used car at a fair price or buy the car of your dreams. 

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