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5 Ways to Turn Your Living Room Cozy

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Your living room is where you go to relax and get away from the stresses of the day. Whether you’re alone or with your family, you want the atmosphere to be calm and peaceful.

This is a mood-setting style that has to be done strategically. Most living rooms don’t automatically become a sanctuary from reality. Instead, they gradually turn into a cluttered catch-all. 

No matter what the space looks like currently, though, you can create the cozy getaway you crave. All you need to do is follow these six simple tips.

  1. Start With a Fireplace

Campfires are the way everyone gathers around at the end of the day to tell stories and cement bonds together. Walking into a business with a lit fireplace is an automatic stress reliever. 

It’s almost impossible to sit in front of a fireplace and not be mesmerized into relaxing. Even if you don’t have a chimney in your home, you can still benefit from this cozy living room addition. All you need is an electric fireplace.

These electric heaters act like a traditional wood or gas fireplace. Instead of the smoke or propane smell (and danger), they run on electricity.

There are many varieties of electric fireplaces. You can find one that fits inside your conventional fireplace to replace the wood logs, get one that sits inside your entertainment center, or buy a wall-mounted version.

Most of them come with a remote to change the settings. Enjoy the look of the fire, or add some heat to the room at the same time.

  1. Add Some Mood Lighting

When it comes to setting a mood, lighting is everything. It’s a psychological fact that certain types of light bring out different responses in your brain.

The brighter and more artificial the light, the more we become alert and awake. Since most rooms have bright overhead lighting, remove the bulbs and replace them with lower watt versions.

For the best relaxation, use natural light when possible. Open the blinds and let the sunshine in.

Tabletops and floor lamps should have warm light bulbs. You can see on the package if the design is “warm” or “cool.” The kind you want has a soft, white glow that tones down the bright white.

  1. Change the Color Scheme

As with lighting, colors matter, too. There’s an entire field of science called color psychology that focuses on the effects different shades have on our minds and bodies.

Think about these examples:

  • White hospital hallways
  • Olive green nursery walls
  • Buttercup yellow kitchens
  • Bright red paintings

How do they make you feel? 

Why Colors Matter 

Each color has a similar effect on most people. Whites are calming and healing. Green hues are relaxing, yellows are cheerful, and reds are loud and energizing.

Every shade has a vast range of hues that impact the results, though. A soft lilac is perceived as peaceful, but a bold royal purple is daring and powerful.You’re trying to create a cozy room, which means you should stick with warm colors. Skip neutrals and go straight to the true earth shades. These are naturally found in the environment and have a way of being instantly soothing.

Some examples are rust, deep navy, sage, burnt sienna, and terracotta. They have a neutral starting point with a brown undertone that turns any room into a homey, restful place to unwind.

  1. Add Some Texture

“Feeling” relaxed only occurs when all our senses are at rest. When just one is triggered, it’s almost impossible to feel settled and comfortable.

You could be in the world’s most amazing room, nestled in a bed that feels like you’re on a cloud, without a care to bother you. Then a disgusting odor seeps in from under the door, and suddenly, you can’t relax.

So, take this knowledge and use it to create the perfect living room environment, starting with the sense of touch. 

For texture, choose a couch that is soft and comfy. Microfiber, velvet, and wool are popular materials to use, but keep in mind that you need to pick a couch with those warm colors we mentioned earlier.

Finally, for a finishing touch, bring in a few throw pillows and area rug to complete the look. 

  1. Add in the Rest of Your Senses

Background scents from an electric plug-in or wall fragrance take care of that sense, as long as the smell isn’t overwhelming.

Keep the noise of the TV down to the bare minimum and cut out background noises when possible. 

Clutter adds stress to the brain, so make sure when you go to relax, there’s nothing sitting out to distract you.

The last sense to consider is taste. Pop some popcorn or grab a quiet snack, and enjoy your new cozy living room.


Creating a living room that converts into a getaway is possible! Use these five simple tips to design a room you’ll never want to leave.

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