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5 Most Common iPhone Issues and How to Solve Them

by Wesley_Hornbeck
5 Most Common iPhone Issues and How to Solve Them

Residents of Brisbane, like the rest of Australia, have forever shown dedication and loyalty to Apple products. In November 2021, it was reported that over 45% of all the cell phones purchased in Australia were iPhones. This was an impressive 4% increase since the previous year. 

However, like every other cell phone, iPhones are prone to breaking down too. Therefore, iphone repair in Brisbane is in extremely high demand. The good news is that one can promptly fix most issues with iPhones. 

Here are the five most common ones and how one can find a quick solution to them.

  1. Broken screen

Few things are more frustrating than a shattered phone screen. Although one could use this cracked phone for a lot longer, it may eventually render the phone inoperable. Hence, contacting a store for iphone repair in Brisbane is best. 

There are several do-it-yourself kits available for this, but finding a professional is a far superior alternative. This is because an untrained hand might mess up things like the placement of the screen.

  1. Water Damage

The one-year warranty and AppleCare do not include liquid damage coverage. Therefore, the best bet is to dry the iPhone quickly and to keep the device switched off. No one wants a soaked circuit operating. 

Remove the SIM card, and put the phone in silica gel or a rice container till the water absorbs. Thereafter, if the device does not work, take it to the nearest repair store.

  1. Apps freezing or crashing

Most individuals have encountered the problem of apps stalling and crashing at some point. It is a relatively simple issue to resolve. When apps are out of date, they tend to freeze or crash. Thus, ensure that the app in question has been updated to the most recent version. Alternatively, restart your iPhone or refresh the app.

  1. Data loss

One of the biggest concerns with any phone is losing all of the crucial data on the phone. Nevertheless, this is admittedly one of the more prevalent issues with iPhones. The answer is simple if an individual has an iCloud backup. Simply connect the smartphone to iCloud-iPhone. One can sync it, and all the lost data will be accessible via iCloud. 

However, things become complicated if one still can’t locate all the data. They must run to an Apple store to see if there are any chances of recovering the lost data.

  1. Issues with Face ID

Remove any phone cover or screen protector that may interfere with the True Depth camera. Make sure you don’t have distracting facial decorations that can interfere with the Face ID.

Remember that the iPhone only recognises the Face ID in portrait mode, so having it in landscape mode will not help. If none of these solves the problem and difficulties detecting one’s face ID persist, one can reset it by adding a new Face ID. Furthermore, update the iOS and restart your iPhone for good measure.

Wrapping Up

While one can easily resolve all the above issues at home, if one does not feel confident undertaking the mammoth task of fixing their phone, they can always take it to a workshop for iPhone repair in Brisbane.

Nevertheless, these are easy emergency steps before taking the phone to a workshop. Knowing them could be extremely beneficial. After all, first aid is known to be the basis for any treatment.

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