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4 steps to withdraw money from THABET CASINO quickly

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Withdrawal at THABET CASINO is the action that members will convert points at the THABET CASINO into cash and withdraw to a bank account. So how can you withdraw money quickly and safely? The following article will give you 4 steps to withdraw money from THABET CASINO quickly.

Conditions to be able to withdraw at THABET CASINO

• First, you need to access the exact link of the THABET CASINO homepage so that you don’t have to visit the wrong links.

• To be able to withdraw money from THABET CASINO, you need to prepare yourself a bank account. The bank account holder information must be the owner’s information for the dealer to verify and transfer money to you

• Currently, THABET CASINO allows the minimum withdrawal amount is 200₫ and the maximum withdrawal amount in each withdrawal is 100,000,000 VND.

• Be sure to be a civilized player, without cheating.

• You need to complete your unfinished betting rounds to be able to withdraw THABET CASINO.

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4 steps to withdraw money from THABET CASINO quickly4 bước rút tiền Thabet nhanh chóng cho hội viên

No matter what device you are accessing THABET CASINO, you can withdraw money from it simply and quickly with the following 4 steps:

• Step 1: Visit THABET CASINO website and log in to your account.

• Step 2: Click on the icon “Withdraw THABET CASINO” to open the withdrawal page.

Step 3: If you are withdrawing money from THABET CASINO for the first time, you need to fill in your account information (Account number, card number, name of domestic bank, branch name ..). Next, enter the phone number you registered for THABET CASINO to “Send confirmation code”. For the following withdrawals, the house will save this information, you need to edit it, you will go to the member settings of THABET CASINO.

Step 4: Enter the number of points you want to withdraw to the bank and the withdrawal password to complete THABET CASINO withdrawal.

Notes when withdrawing money from THABET CASINO

• Every day, THABET CASINO users are allowed to withdraw money for free up to 4 times a day. If the number of withdrawals exceeds 4 times, you will have to pay transaction fees for these withdrawals.

• The number of points that you withdraw must be less than or equal to the number of points of the latest THABET CASINO deposit at the house. If the member does not meet the above requirements and still wants to withdraw, the transaction fee will be equal to 5% of the nearest THABET CASINO deposit point.

• When making a withdrawal transaction, if you want to cancel, you can choose “Member”, then select “Transaction history” and choose to cancel THABET CASINO withdrawal request.

• You should save the transaction invoice each time you withdraw THABET CASINO to confirm with THABET CASINO when necessary.

• The amount of THABET CASINO withdrawal will be equivalent to the number of points, for example, if you want to withdraw 300,000 VND, you need to enter 300 points.


Currently, THABET CASINO has always maintained its position as the leading casino. With detailed information on how to withdraw THABET CASINO, we hope you will play the game, win many betting games and collect many big bonuses!

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