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2 Best Maintenance Plugins for WordPress

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Oftentimes when someone mentions maintenance plugins for WordPress people assume that their only use is creating temporary pages to hide a broken website. And while that’s partially true they also excel in creating single-page websites. Due to the fact these plugins need to work fast in case of emergencies, it makes them perfect for creating pages about upcoming events or useful announcements. Sometimes you simply don’t have the time to build a page from the ground up. That’s why maintenance plugins are a perfect solution if you want a code-free page-building experience. Without further ado here are the best maintenance plugins for WordPress in 2022.

1. WP Maintenance

With WP Maintenance you can instantly create pages that show your visitors that you’re working on your website. Having a temporary maintenance page is very important as there’s nothing more frustrating for visitors than when they’re unable to connect to your website. WP Maintenance has a multitude of templates that you can use directly or edit to create a custom page for yourself. And since it’s a drag & drop page builder you’ll be able to customize these templates in a matter of minutes. This plugin also boasts a built-in SEO set up so that even your temporary pages can be optimized for your benefit.

2. UnderConstructionPage

With UnderConstructionPage you show your visitors and customers that you have an upcoming website in construction. With over 320 templates you can create just about any type of webpage through a drag & drop page editor. And to help you connect your visitors with your future website UnderConstructionPage has enhanced affiliate and traffic tracking. Through it, you can test how many people are interested in your website, and see the potential customer base that has the highest chance of a conversion. You can even create tracked inbound links to share on your social media and create hype.

3. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode is a maintenance plugin that offers over 150 themes from which you can create maintenance and coming soon pages. And with 2 million free images you’ll be able to customize our themes and create a unique page for your niche. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode even provides you with full rebranding capabilities. This means that you’ll be able to fully change any aspect of your website and this plugin through a single centralized dashboard. With Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode you can set up autoresponders and other marketing software so that even your temporary pages can help promote brand awareness.

These maintenance plugins for WordPress can help you raise work efficiency and secure your website in case of emergency. Therefore one must consider them a must when it comes to building websites. Considering maintenance plugins are a no-coding-needed solution, they ensure that if something goes wrong you’ll be able to put up a temporary page as soon as possible. That gives you ample time to fix any problem while your visitors stay satisfied. Make sure to pick a maintenance plugin that suits your work preferences the most, and rest easy that they got your back in case of any potential issues.

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