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Zorb Ball Types Explained for Beginners

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Do you feel like a zorb ball? Confused about the various ball varieties? You’re not the only one who feels helpless when selecting a zorb ball, though. In the world of the ball, many people get lost. We’re here to explain the various ball types to you because of this. Reviewing the list of balls listed below has many advantages.

You will first become acquainted with the various ball varieties. Second, you’ll find it simpler to purchase the appropriate one for yourself. So without further ado, let’s read the following. You can learn more about balls by reading on. Let’s continue.

Land zorbing

On a flat, inclined, or flat surface, someone uses a ball in this kind of activity. It might be a playground, a grassy slope, or a roomy field where you can move the ball with ease. The land ball is sizable and can hold one or two people simultaneously. 

Water zorbing

Too many action/fantasy films or other forms of media have led us to believe more and more in the water-walking myth. Well, water zorbing will make that dream a reality now. This particular ball allows users to move on the water’s surface as opposed to the ground. In order to be placed on top of the water, a person enters a ball or hamster ball. The water, however, resembles a lake or pond less. A person must enter the water to balance themselves when standing on a lake. In other words, it gets challenging and thrilling at the same time.

Snow zorbing

Snow zorbing requires a snowy area, as the name already suggests. In hilly regions with a lot of snowfall, this style of ball which is common. Aside from that, it is a little challenging to control the ball because the snow does not offer much friction. However, artificial snow parks that simulate snow are common in urban areas where the ball is available. Before engaging in snow zorbing, you should also consider safety. Thus, it is less efficient than other zorbing techniques. 

Aqua zorbing

It resembles water zorbing somewhat. The fact that water zorbing can be done in shallow or deep water is one of the biggest differences, though. However, in aqua zorbing, water is poured on the ground to lessen the friction that the ball creates with it. So, on a slope or on a wet surface, a person inside a ball runs. This ups the fun factor and makes zorbing more challenging. Be sure to check for the safety harnesses inside the ball when purchasing such balls from Kameymall.

Zorb Bubble

A bubble ball on the field makes the game even more entertaining. The human body’s lower half is outside the sphere. It is only covering the upper body, including the face. It is frequently used against opposing teams without suffering any harm.

The individual can control their movements with their unoccupied legs because the ball is sitting upright around them. You won’t hear anything inside the bubble ball, even if you run into someone. When playing American football or attacking other players without getting hurt, this is useful. However, because it is secure and safe, you ought to purchase this one.


It is a thrilling and entertaining activity. However, it’s frequently mistaken for something harmful. But it is entirely secure. Because kameymall offers high-quality balls at reasonable prices, you should buy balls from them.

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