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Why Pet Dogs and Pet Fish Can be Best of Friends in Your Home

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When a pet is the only one at home, the creature assumes royalty ruling the property. If you own a dog, you might have noticed its sparkling eyes and confident gait as it walks around in your home enclosure. Suppose you brought home another fur pal and introduced him to your dog; he may invite the new member with a heavy heart. Your dog knows he will have to share not only his territory but also his human companion’s love and affection with the new entrant.

Your dog may get depressed because of the arrival of another fur baby, which is when you may need to take him to the vet to understand how to appease him. The vet may suggest ways that help ease your dog’s pain and advise you on how to care for two pets under a single roof without disappointing either of them. Purchase cheap pet insurance that helps you cover regular pet health expenses like vet visits and medical costs.

The best pet insurance supports your pet with superior medical care for illnesses, diagnosis, and treatment of various health conditions. But there isn’t any better medicine than the extra attention the pet receives from its pet parents. What if we told you there are pets you can bring home, with whom your dog needn’t have to share space and get jealous about the divided attention from the pet parents? Yes, we are talking about the ones without legs yet having tails! Welcome home, fish friends!

Your dog stays safe on land, and your pet fish in water. There is no crossing over and encroaching territories. Doggo may watch the coloured water creatures moving around in the aquarium in your company with little insecurity. You don’t have to play the referee, and they don’t mess with each other either. So, get this little Nemo to establish peace at home. Also, knowing what your dog thinks about this whole affair helps in a big way.

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Dogs are unconcerned about your friendly fish!

If dogs were cats, they might be interested in the fish for one reason: the fish could be their next sumptuous meal. However, since dogs differ from cats, the fishes are spared! Dogs are intrigued by smell and sounds and hardly by visuals. Since aquariums aren’t substantial sources of scents and noises, your dog should not be too interested in your water bowl or creatures swimming in it.

Assess the dog’s behaviour around the aquarium!

Controlled introductions help you avert disasters. Take your dog on a leash to introduce your water babies. Allow him to whiff and investigate the fish tank. You may pull him back if he gets too excited or unruly. If your dog wags its tail, having ears up, crouching before the tank, stalking or staring aggressively at the fish, then your dog may not be too happy being around them. Probably, he needs some time to adjust.

Keep a curious dog away from the fish tank!

Dogs intentionally don’t harm fish. They neither intend to eat nor kill them. It is just that certain curious dogs may try climbing on top of the tank, fall in it, or knock it over. The result is you lost your pretty fish, your house is flooded, and your dog may have injured itself due to broken glass. Allow your pet dog near the fish tank only under the supervision of anyone from the household or place the tank in an inaccessible spot for your dog.

Usually, fish and dogs cohabit well, giving hardly any trouble to the pet parents. Regardless, have cheap pet insurance to deal with any accidents your dog may get into during its fish tank exploratory activity when humans aren’t around. The best pet insurance covers your pet’s medical care in case of injuries and other health emergencies. Buy a policy to protect your pet at all times.


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