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When should I see a physiotherapy in Five Dock, NSW?

by Rajdeep Basu

Before knowing about physiotherapists, you must know what physiotherapy is. It is a science-based profession, which you can benefit from at any time in your life. It involves patients’ well-being, health, and care through empowerment, awareness, and various treatments. Physiotherapy in Five Dock, NSW aids restoration of function and movement when it is disturbed by illness, injury, or disability. A physiotherapist like Inclicne Health is a specialist who helps you with the same. They help people affected by illness, injury, or disability through exercises and movements, education, manual therapy, and advice. 

They maintain health for people of all age groups and help the patient prevent discomfort and manage pain. Physiotherapists help people encourage development and facilitate recovery by using their skills and knowledge to improve a range of conditions associated with different human body systems. You will find a physiotherapist working in different health and social care setups. Some also work in research, education, and service management departments.

Why do you need a physiotherapist?

You know that for athletes seeking the advice of a physiotherapist is necessary for their training efforts. But for the general population, is there any need to see a physiotherapist? And if yes, when should you go for it? Before that, you must be knowing what the services physiotherapist provides. The work of a physiotherapist is to provide education, rehabilitation, and support and assist with stress relief. So it is vital to approach a physio who is well qualified and experienced and has a good range of technical skills and essential equipment. Now let us see some common reasons or signs that require visiting a physiotherapist at the earliest.

signs or reasons that indicate the need to visit a physio

1. For the prevention of injuries: 

a physiotherapist is not a new person to athletes. They constantly seek the advice of a physiotherapist before training or any activity. Physiotherapists help them adjust posture, forms, and movement patterns and advise reducing the risk of experiencing an injury. But for the common adult they seek the advice of a physio only for rehabilitation from an injury. But as you know, prevention is better than cure, so if you seek advice from a physio before starting the gym or joining any Bootcamp, then you can minimize the chances of injuring yourself.

2. If you experience recurrence of pain: 

after any injury, it is expected that you experience a definite amount of pain till the healing occurs. But if the pain occurs again after some time, it can become chronic. In such cases, it is better to approach a certified physiotherapist and go for a rehabilitation program that ensures that your problem is solved permanently. 

3. If you experience mobility issues: 

you will have to visit a physiotherapist if you notice a decline in mobility or flexibility. For example, if you feel a lack of smoothness in your movements, such as not touching your toes, a physiotherapist will help you improve flexibility through some stretches. 

4. To heal from surgical procedures: 

It is a less known fact that physiotherapy provides healing from complicated surgeries. After surgery, there might be a loss of physical fitness and muscle weakness due to immobility and inability to be active. In that case, physiotherapy can help you heal and regain your muscle strength and return to your normal activities. 


Now you know some of the services a physiotherapist can provide. And why it is essential to visit a physiotherapist to maintain overall wellness. A physiotherapist is an expert who can help heal injuries, but there are many other things that a physio can do. For example, you can take the help of a physiotherapist in managing diabetes, recovering from sports injuries, fighting neurological disorders, and for the optimum well-being of the body.

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