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What to Consider When Planning a Vacation with Your Pet

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It can be fun to bring your pet along on vacation and save time and money by organizing pet-sitting services. Plus, what better than making memories with your furry friend? However, with a pet-friendly trip, there are some areas of planning that do require extra attention to detail. Give yourself time before vacation to cross these chores off the holiday checklist and everything should run smoothly. 

Pet-Friendly Bookings

When planning a vacation for the whole family, including the pooch, it is crucial to find pet-friendly places. Most destinations are pet-friendly, it is just finding appropriate hotels and restaurants that are accommodating for pets. This can be done by searching online and filtering results, as well as contacting businesses directly to confirm. Make sure to keep your pet involved in holiday activities, by finding suitable places to attend and including them in the itinerary, because it is dangerous to leave your pet alone. 

Health Checks

It is important to ensure that animals are physically well enough to travel away from home. It may also be necessary to book specific vaccinations for safety reasons. This can all be sorted by arranging a check-up appointment at the vet. If you are not yet registered with a clinic, you can search online using a service like Easyvet.com to locate vets near you.

Prepare the Paperwork

Going on vacation with a pet typically demands documentation. Veterinarians have the authority to distribute paperwork that confirms information about pets such as their medical condition, blood tests, and vaccinations. Proof of microchipping, permits, and health certificates are also frequently required. However, regulations and policies differ depending on the mode of travel, airlines, and countries so make sure to research specific requirements beforehand.

Pack for Your Pet

The luggage for vacation should not only include the owners’ belongings, but pet supplies too, for walking, entertainment, comfort, and most importantly, food and water. Travel size products are available on the market, saving space in the luggage but keeping pets happy on holiday. Owners know their pets best, so packing for a pet depends on their needs. A vacation with your pet will go smoothly if you pack appropriately.

Crates for Travel

Crates are effective at keeping pets safe and secure during travel, as well as vacation so that they do not escape and get lost in an unfamiliar location. However, inadequate quality crates that have not been chosen in consideration of the size of the dog can be harmful. To avoid issues when traveling with a pet, ensure that the crate has enough:

  • Space
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Ventilation
  • Comfort
  • Necessary Identification

This can be done by choosing a reputable brand and prioritizing adequate measurements and functions. Increase comfort by putting your dog’s favorite blanket and toys in the crate during travel. 

Planning a family vacation with your pet is exciting, and it can be beneficial to introduce them to an unfamiliar environment. However, it does require some additional preparation to avoid issues. Make sure to find pet-friendly bookings, arrange health checks, prepare the necessary paperwork, pack appropriately, and purchase a high-quality crate for travel, to make the vacation easier for your pet. Unfamiliar surroundings can be daunting for animals, so it is important to bring elements of home on holiday, to make your pet feel comfortable, both during travel and on vacation. Do not bring a pet on vacation just to leave them unattended as this is harmful, so make sure to include them in your itinerary.

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