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What is the Attraction of Bollard Lighting?

by SAM

The home speaks for one’s personality. But it’s outdoors captures the external existence. Outdoor lighting is a natural extension of your style and how you envision your small-little world; bollard lights are a kind of outdoor LED lighting. Traditionally, the term bollard is denoted to the placement used in harbours. The purpose was to moor ferries, boats and ships to a harbour. That is the reason for the similarity in the shapes of the two.

Usually, the bollard is sheathed in a perpendicular post with a round top. Nevertheless, with the new-found popularity of bollard lights, they are now available in various sizes and shapes to fit the styles of everyone.

Types of Bollard Lighting

  • Standard cone reflectors come up with 360-degree commercial lighting to give a clearer view.
  • Louvre bollards usually point towards the grounds to provide direction in dark areas and pathways.
  • Type V Glass Bollard is for those who want 360-degree coverage and a few lights with intense lighting.
  • Specialised cone reflectors are mostly for ambient lighting because they don’t produce a glare.

Why Should You Choose Bollard Lighting?

Bollard lighting is the result of scientific evolution in the electric department. In the 21st century, lighting also needed this reshaping that sets the eras apart. Alongside, there are various advantages of using bollard lights that will automatically attract you towards it:

Easier Maintenance Method

Bollard lighting works longer than commonly-used illuminating lights because of the LED features. The apparatus of creating light in LEDs allows it to function precisely without physical or machine-driven upkeeping. It frees you from the fear of calling an electrician every few days. It is like a call for aesthetics without costing you the energy for maintenance.

Illumination Level

These lights produce a more luminous glow than many other light sources in a few seconds. They create an alluring glow of light at low temperatures that is not the case with standard light sources. The beautiful lights don’t test your eyes because of the filtered vibe. They make the outdoors look more mysterious yet beautiful. Also, the lower temperature of the light keeps away the possibility of a heart or fire outbreak.


Scientifically, human eyes can’t tolerate bright lights at night time. Many applications on electric devices have a night mode that offers dim lighting that suits human eyes. Similarly, for outdoor lighting, bollard lighting is the alternative. It is not so dim that you won’t be able to see. It gives you clarity without putting pressure on your eyes. The minimalist look and soothing touch make it chic.


The bollards release almost no electromagnetic and ultraviolet radiation. Furthermore, no lethal substances, like phosphorus and mercury, are used in its development. Therefore, it is accepted as one of the most harmless lights. The non-toxic production of bollard lights brands them as environment-friendly. Also, as a customer, you are free from guilt when you use these lights.

Energy Saving and Budget Friendly

Quality pathway lighting and LED bollards usually use 12-40 watts. Therefore, you will see 40-85% savings in energy consumption. If you think about the long run, it will save you a pocketful of money. More and more people are slowly switching to bollard lighting because it combines the budget with looks.

In Conclusion

Bollard lighting is a one-time good investment. When considering a one-time investment, one should know why it is worth it. The factors mentioned above will guide you towards a sustainable and budget-friendly choice.

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