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Utilize Custom Drawstring Pouches For Different Commercial Purposes

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Custom drawstring pouch

Custom drawstring pouches are very versatile as these are big enough to carry essentials and still compact enough to not weigh the person down. The compact design and ease of customization makes custom drawstring bags ideal for brand promotion. Here are some different commercial uses of drawstring pouches to make the most of them for your business. 

Free sample testing

Another way to use custom drawstring bags ideally is by giving out free samples to your customers. Free samples are usually a mini version of the actual product. When a brand launches a new product or the owners have tried a new formula and want to check out the public’s response to it, giving out little sachets and pouches of the same is a remarkable idea. If they like it, they return to purchase it again. These freebies are mainly produced in mini sizes to give out as a freebie to the customers. Suppose you own a coffee house; you can hand out little coffee packets when you try out a new flavor. 


Jewelry is an expensive item that needs to be stored in a safe place in order to maintain its shine and quality and protect it from oxidation. You will often see women storing their luxe jewelry pieces in separate custom drawstring pouches. Jewelry sellers generally provide these pouches. Now, people don’t mind buying these versatile pouches. So, if you sell luxe little jewelry pieces (metal or artificial), pack these pieces in drawstring pouches to protect them from environmental factors—thoughtful packaging for luxe products is a fantastic idea to allure customers. You can also pack perfumes or essential oils in these pouches as they look super cute and perfectly fit in these bags. 

Sell as a product

Custom drawstring pouch is super useful, and people know it. In fact, it is one of the most lovely packing ideas out there that people choose to pack little items and store them safely. Not only that, they even use drawstring pouches to pack their gift items and maintain the aesthetic of the gift. With drawstring pouches, you don’t need a gift wrap; it is trendy enough to be gifted as it is. So, you can sell these pouches as a product in your store. Get drawstring pouches in different sizes so your customers can pack anything in them. Make sure the pouches are of good quality so the customers can use them for gifting purposes. 

Shoe bags

If you think drawstring pouches are available only in small sizes and can be used to store miniature products, think again. These come in various sizes, and you can pack tons of other products in these pouches like clothes and shoes. If you sell footwear instead of cardboard packaging, you can pack shoes in pouches. You know why? Because your customers can carry shoes easily while traveling in these pouches. 

These functional uses of the custom drawstring pouches are the reason why you should get creative pouches for your business.

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