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Using The Best Cushion Cover Will Bring Decor To The Home

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The way our house is decorated and kept is a mirror reflection of our personality. People have different houses and different decor. This is why different people with different personalities like different things. Now, one would like to make the best out of their house and look forward to making it something they love. This leads them to choose things for the house they like very much. Hence, by looking at their house one can easily tell their personality.

One’s house is more like an untouched canvas in the beginning, when there’s nothing done. With the thoughts and creativity being the paint and sketches filling the canvas later on. Hence, one needs to be mindful of what they’re drawing on the canvas as it is set out for the world to see their painting (house). Interior decoration hence has become a very important aspect for people.

 While there are many things that can be done to improve the look and feel of the house. One thing which most people do not give as much importance as it must get is the Cushions. 

These soft and hard cushions are the ones that make our back straight throughout the day. They help one in regaining posture and also make the house look so much better. Be it the bedroom or your living room, cushions can add glam and sophistication to any room. It thus becomes so much more important to buy cushion covers.

 Well, EK has got you covered on this as they have the best cushion cover online. There is a huge variety of sofa cushion covers and sofa pillow covers as well, hence choosing and buy cushion covers which you like the most becomes a tedious task. However, we are here to help you in picking cushion covers online like a pro. Below are some things to be kept in mind while shopping for cushion covers.

1. Shape & size

The shape and size of the cushion matter the most. It totally depends upon the size of the sofa and how big the cushions should be, this is because on a small sofa big cushions won’t look good and the same goes for small cushions on a large sofa. The size of the sofa should be taken into account before buying cushions and sofa cushion covers must be bought accordingly.

As for the shape of the cushion, one needs to understand that not all shapes go with all types of sofas. For a sofa that is long and in L-Shape, a rectangular sofa pillow will look perfect, match it with a sofa pillow cover and you’re done for good.

For a smaller say 5-seater sofa a small square-shaped sofa cushion or an oval-shaped cushion will look good, pair it up with a trendy cushion cover online and see your sofa in a completely new avatar.

For an even smaller sofa set say of 2-3 people, the sofa cushions must be in the shape of a circle, as they look smaller considered to others and for such sofas, there needs to be charm through sofa cushion covers. There are many varieties of cushion covers online that one can choose from.

2. Material

The material of the sofa cushion covers or the sofa pillow covers is something that is very important. This is because they are the ones which people will see and take the feel of, the material needs to be of the best quality available. 

For different places and occasions, the sofa cushion cover and its materials need to be changed as well. Like in summers the sofa pillow covers made of kadhai or silk won’t go as in this sweaty season it will just add to the warmth, hence a light material like cotton is the way to go.

Similarly, on special occasions like Festivals or birthdays, it is important to add a bit of glitz to the atmosphere. Hence, this is when the slik sofa pillow covers will enhance the look and feel of the sofa and look good when the guests arrive.

3. Colour

There is an entire color palette when you buy cushion covers online. This is because it is so important to choose the right color for your sofa set. When you buy cushion covers, think wheter the colors will match or re contrast of each other. A red sofa with green cushion covers, just wont look good. Hence getting the color right is of utmost importance.

 The color if done right can make the sofa look a 100 times prettier, while  if done wrong can actually ruin the whole combination. Hence it is important to stick to the color palette and choose the color of the sofa cushion cover wisely.

4. Matching

After choosing the right color for the sofa something that people miss the trick in is matching them. While it is important to buy cushion covers that suit the overall scheme of colors. One can go one step further and buy cushion covers that are not matching each other.

What? Yes you heard that right, sometimes not matching also helps. For example suppose a while sofa set and 5 cushions on it each of different color, wont it look cool? Sometimes both the things work, having all sofa cushion covers of the same color scheme and not having them of the same color  as well. Hence, check out which one you like the more.

 5. Arrangement

The way you arrange the different cushions on your sofa plays an important role in how the entire thing ends up looking. If you want a safe way then place either one or maybe two sets of matching sofa cushions at ends of the sofa. 

One may try out their different ways of styling sofa cushion covers. There are various varieties present to buy cushion covers online which would suit their needs. It is essential that they try out new things to give their house a new vibe.

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