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Ultimate Buying Guide for Standing Wheelchair From Lumbuy

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Buying an electric power wheelchair takes some fundamental product knowledge, whether you have a health problem or cannot walk for lengthy periods. When searching to buy a power wheelchair online, you should be aware of the many models and main brands available.

Most manufacturers prefer to sell power wheelchairs through a dealer, such as us, who then sells them to the end-user, which is you. If you are not prepared with your homework or have a basic understanding of your buying product, you can wind up with something that doesn’t meet your demands. 

Let us get to the factors that should be considered for a successful purchase. Keep reading for more information!



It’s crucial to know what battery chemistry and capacity your chair from Lumbuy has, especially if you plan to travel with it. Many airlines impose restrictions on lithium batteries that exceed a particular capacity limit. Before purchasing any mobility equipment, you should carefully check the current airline restrictions and legislation that apply to flying with a motorized wheelchair on an airplane.

Weight Capacity 

Many customers have had repairs since they bought a motorized wheelchair with a weight rating just a few pounds higher than the users. When you run a motor at full load for an extended period of time, you’re sure to have problems.

This is why our technicians and salespeople always emphasize the need to select a much heavier chair than the user. When a motor is used at a weight load that is not close to its full capacity, it works more effectively, with less stress, and ensures that the motor lasts a long time.


Every wheelchair that is used regularly should be comfortable. The most important factor to consider is the seat. The majority is composed of nylon or vinyl, and some may require a cushion or exceptional back support to make them more comfortable. Seat width and depth are other vital factors to consider since you’ll want a seat that precisely suits the person.


A wheelchair seat cushion can be added to improve comfort, support, and stability. Gel cushions provide additional comfort, positioning cushions assist posture and navigation, and preventive cushions decrease friction and strain during prolonged usage.

Replacement Components

The availability of replacement parts is another crucial issue to consider when purchasing any mobility gadget. Some manufacturers of low-cost electric wheelchairs in other countries have a reputation for not being able to deliver replacement components to their clients. This can be aggravating if you buy a chair and then realize you need new tires but can’t find them anyplace. It is recommended that you choose a well-known manufacturer/brand that is likely to supply replacement components in the future.

Height of the Seat

The seat height of a wheelchair refers to the distance between the seat and the ground. The usual seat height of most electric power wheelchairs is 20 to 21 inches, which is suitable for 5 feet tall or taller users. Transferring may be more difficult if the user is under 5 feet tall, as the wheelchair may be excessively high.

Get the Desired Products from Lumbuy

As of now, you might have been well-acquainted with the tips and factors to pick the best wheelchair to overcome the disability following age or health issues. Thus, if you search for the best wheelchair, look at Lumbuy featured products. We have the best collection of products that can fulfill all your needs in one go. For a more precise look, bounce back to our website now!

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