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Different Types of Pastas People Love

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There are uncountable foods in this vast world. Every region has some specific foods that are very popular there. However, some are very specific and associated with only a few regions where they are made and in other parts of the world, people are not even aware of them. In such difficult conditions, it must be very difficult for a single food to get the title of the world’s famous food.

All of you can understand that it is really difficult as countrywide food priorities are easy to find out because people’s choices depend upon the geographical areas. However, when you talk about worldwide favorite food it might seem impossible to select something. Despite this hurdle, pasta has earned that title and not only earned it’s securing it for a long time.

Starting as Italian food and traditionally including only one more major ingredient as white pasta sauce, it has become the world’s best due to various reasons. The taste, flavor, versatility, and easy making are some top listed properties to make it achieve this mark. It is suitable for all generations as old people will love the juicy and soft texture and children would be amazed at many different shapes and types of it.

There are many hundreds of pasta types based on their shape. Following are some most loved pasta types that could be found all over the world.


This is the most amazing form of pasta and if you are trying this for the first time, you can only feel something different from spaghetti when you taste it. The reason behind this is that it’s quite similar to spaghetti in shape and the only difference is in its thickness and the hole that is running through it. So, this is going to be more flavorful than most of the other types as you are going to have some extra sauce with every bite that will get filled inside the hole while making it.


This pasta type is probably made for cheese lovers as these are round-shaped spheres that are hollow inside to contain a lot of cheese. You can add some sauce of your choice to it as well to make it more juicy and delicious. However, this does not happen too often as this type is usually used in various types of soups. So, people prefer to fill them up with meat instead of sauces as these could be added to the soup as well.


Ravioli is a surprisingly great type of pasta and it not only served as pasta but in making some quick snacks as well. These are just like some tiny pouches of square or circular shapes. You can add whatever you want inside the two layers. Fill these empty envelopes like pasta pieces with different types of meat and cheese and enjoy them with pesto, ketchup, or white sauce. You can also try them as snacks by frying them in the pan instead of boiling them like typical pasta.


This thick ribbon-shaped type of pasta is the most popular in Rome and Italy. These are long strips of dough that can be made like any simple pasta. However, they are quite thick, so there is a possibility that they might not fit well with all pasta sauces. The best way to enjoy it is to pair it up with some heavy sauces just like Alfredo cream sauce.


These are just like some small heavy tubes or after cooking them you can name them cheese or sauce-filled packets of pasta. They are just in the shape of some ordinary hollow tubes. They have high absorbing abilities and you can easily pair them up with hot sauces of your choice to explore a new world of taste.


These are some ear-shaped pasta and the name is due to their shape because the word orecchiette means ear in Italy. These are just like some small domes that are hollow inside and can be paired with any dip sauce.

You might be surprised to see that some of the most popular types are not mentioned in the list including spaghetti and macaroni. The reason is simple as the purpose is to introduce you to some new types instead of those which you are already aware of.

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