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The Power of HPC with Next Generation Supermicro Systems

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In traditional computing, the system’s performance is highly dependent on the specifications of its components. In HPC, supercomputers require a variety of subsystems to achieve their high-level performance. Such a system includes processors, memory, accelerators, and networked storage devices. Any of these can become the limiting factor if the rest are capable enough. The key is to balance all the subsystems together so that they are capable of providing their maximum potential. Being able to do this successfully requires some deft maneuvering.

HPC solution demand that the system is highly scalable and, therefore, must support a wide range of processors and memory technologies. Each of these has its performance limitations, however. Furthermore, this performance is often highly dependent on the interconnection infrastructure, so it is essential to maximize the performance of the system’s infrastructure. HPC applications are also structured for high redundancy and data locality, which demand a large amount of memory and low latency access to stored data.

Supermicro Computer Systems provides a fully redundant data center explicitly built for HPC solution that meets these requirements. Supermicro has many models with varying capabilities to suit workloads from research teams through production environments. All are designed to provide maximum performance and efficiency.

Supermicro’s data center design offers a clean and modular configuration with redundant power and cooling to ensure the highest performance. The results are a system that provides unmatched scalability for workloads of all sizes. The modular approach enables server owners to optimize designs for their particular needs rather than buying large amounts of underutilized equipment. Furthermore, the ultra-low latency storage enables research teams to work on sensitive data with confidence in the return on investment.

Supermicro’s data center design is also dedicated to worldwide, 24/7 availability. Extensive data protection of redundant power and cooling increases the overall system reliability.

The Supermicro datacenter design is a natural fit for any HPC solution or data center application, in research centers or anywhere the workload requires high-performance computing and compute-intensive parallel processing. It is a flexible, all-inclusive system that allows customers to optimize their workloads. Data centers can specify the configurations and processor technologies needed to meet their processing needs, a highly desirable feature.

Supermicro’s HPC solution data center is engineered to handle the most demanding workloads in various fields, including biomedical and fluid dynamics research, genomics, financial services analytics, and scientific and technical computing. The power of HPC solution with Supermicro Systems is an efficient system equipped to handle these and other workloads.

Supermicro Computer Systems is a leading provider of system-level solutions for HPC and data center systems by continuously innovating and developing highly-efficient server systems that can deliver maximum performance. The company’s data center products are optimized for HPC computing and provide consistent performance across a wide range of processor families, enabling customers to optimize their systems for their specific application needs.

Supermicro partners with leading motherboard manufacturers to provide a complete line of high-performance server motherboards. Supermicro also offers high-performance enterprise storage systems designed to shorten the development cycle for HPC customers.

Supermicro Computer Systems strives to be the preferred provider of server-level solutions for HPC, data center, and enterprise systems. The company is focused on providing a comprehensive solution that addresses every aspect of system performance, including power, cooling, and capacity. Supermicro’s data center solutions extend its expertise into storage, networking, and other vital areas.
Supermicro is an excellent choice for server-level solutions as it provides a range of HPC solution and data center products optimized for performance, is highly durable, and is available with leading service and support. It is also a leading HPC and data center systems system-level solutions provider. These systems are scalable, highly reliable, and support many applications.

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