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The Best Marijuana Dispensary in California – The City San Francisco

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Cannabis culture has been a key part of San Francisco’s culture for years, from the 1960s, when high-as-a-kite hippies walked the streets, to the early years of the medical marijuana movement, to the recent legalization of recreational marijuana use. 

Since California legalized weed, people have always been able to find high-quality weed in the city. However marijuana dispensary san francisco the industry in the city has reached new heights since legalization. There has been an explosion of the pot scene in the city, to put it mildly. As dispensaries in San Francisco have evolved from dark, intimidating head shops to airy, bar-like lounges and inviting bud boutiques (some offer delivery!) 

Nowadays, buying cannabis is easy, approachable, and sometimes even luxurious. If you’re looking for the perfect high, you’ll find beautiful retail spaces, trendy consumption lounges, and friendly customer service in the Mission and Financial District. There are a lot of cannabis dispensaries in San Francisco where you can buy potent, safe marijuana in all its forms, regardless of whether you’re a long-time smoker or just curious.

Best Dispensaries in San Francisco:

  • Apothecarium:

Dispensaries designed by Urban Chalet resemble upscale bars or restaurants rather than weed shops. As a result of its wingback chairs, geometric tile, floral arrangements, and well-appointed bookshelves, Architectural Digest named the original Castro location one of the best-designed dispensaries in the country. Two more outposts have since been opened by Ryan Hudson. The Marina location has a sleek design with marble countertops, crystal chandeliers, and velvet seating arrangements, but all three locations offer cannabis, including flowers, edibles, topicals, and concentrates-all batch-tested for purity-as well as dozens of smoking and vaping accessories. Consultations are available one-on-one to answer questions or steer you in the right direction. (Would you prefer edibles, tinctures, or smoking?) Order online or request delivery from either the Castro or SoMa shops.

  • Moe Greens:

Nate Haas transformed the formerly dingy Market Street dollar store into a sprawling, 4,200-square-foot nightclub for cannabis fans in early 2019. He knows his stuff: The selection of pre-rolled joints, flowers, cartridges, vaporizers, and edibles is unparalleled (if a bit pricey). The main attraction is the 1,500-square-foot lounge equipped with plush, grass-green booths and sputnik chandeliers. The lounge, which is called the “playground,” offers cannabis-infused drinks and high-end edibles as well. It has a main bar and a high roller room with five booths, as well as a dab lounge where concentrates can be enjoyed. (Outside food is allowed, with permission.)

  • The Posh Green Cannabis Boutique:

Dispensary Posh Green was created by Reese Benton under the city’s cannabis equity program, which aims to help people from historically disadvantaged communities participate in the legal cannabis industry. 

A trendy and airy shop, dubbed the “Nordstrom of cannabis,” with navy walls, plush chairs, and attentive service. Premium products are sourced from local farmers and greenhouse vendors with a focus on wellness, comfort, healing – or just having fun. 

  • The Sparc:

Sparc founder Erich Pearson brought farm-to-table weed to California. One of the largest legal cannabis farms in Sonoma County, he emphasizes biodynamic, organic, and sustainable growing methods. Its AIA Award-winning design has earned its dispensaries the title of “Apple of pot shops,” with white walls, blond wood communal tables, and warm lighting. There are two dispensaries in SoMa. The onsite staff can recommend flowers, edibles, and accessories based on the extensive menu displayed on a screen behind the counter.

  • Berner’s on Haight:

Haight-Asbury was the center of free love and an illegal cannabis liberation movement in the 1960s. The legal market is now here. Berkeley’s on Haight was the first shop to open under the San Francisco Cannabis Equity Program. In this very neighborhood, Shawn M. Richard – CEO of the company – started selling drugs at the age of 12 as a former convict and gang member. He later founded the violence reduction nonprofit Brothers Against Guns, is a co-founder of the San Francisco Equity Group, and advocates for greater equity in the cannabis industry. There are a lot of great products at Berners on Haight, but shopping here means more than just supporting a store, it means supporting a movement.

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