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The Benefits of Coreless Stretch Film

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Why Consider Coreless Stretch Film

For companies that handle the packing and distribution of products, stretch film is a very valuable tool. It allows you to maintain the freshness and safety of your products during transport. In addition to protecting from the weather, dust, and other environmental factors, effective product wrapping can also work as a theft deterrent and ensures that the right amount of product arrives at its destination.

There are many varieties of stretch film to choose from. Many companies that ship large numbers of products opt for machine wrapping or stretch hood film, which can be used to speed up the wrapping process for large volumes. 

However, many companies find that hand film works well to meet their packing needs. There are various hand roll options available for stretch film, including coreless stretch film. This variety offers some unique benefits that will be outlined here.

What is Coreless Stretch Film?

First, let’s look at exactly what coreless stretch film is. Like other hand wrap film varieties, it is a roll of protective film that is the right size to be handled by a single person and applied without special machinery. This means that coreless stretch film is affordable and easy to use for any workers on your team.

Unlike other types of film wrap, coreless stretch film does not include a cardboard roll at the center. This film is specially designed in a tighter roll formation using the same type of sturdy, reliable film, making it more compact.


The design of coreless stretch film creates a more lightweight product that can be easier to handle and apply than other varieties of hand wrap. While the cardboard roll provides a certain level of structural support and allows a roll of wrapping material to be held on a pole or applicator, many find that working with coreless stretch film is easier to use than a weighty applicator. 

Using this form of hand wrap can make it easier for anyone in your company to perform hand wrapping tasks. This can be especially useful for smaller businesses where employees frequently handle a wide variety of tasks or share certain workloads based on availability. Coreless stretch film gives you confidence that all your employees can handle a wrapping task in a pinch.


 Another benefit to using coreless stretch film is that it is better for the environment. Buying film that doesn’t require a core reduces the amount of material waste created by your packing processes. 

While a simple cardboard core may not seem like a significant amount of waste, it can add up quickly when wrapping many pallets of product each day. If your business is looking to reduce its carbon footprint and boost the sustainability of your organization, then switching to coreless stretch film could be the right move for you. 

Get Coreless Stretch Film

If these features would benefit your business, consider looking into coreless stretch film today. Ask your current stretch film supplier if they offer coreless hand film options or reach out to a new supplier that provides coreless options. Incorporating this type of film into your packing processes is a great way to make your system more sustainable and easy to use for all your workers. 

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