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The 8 amazing facts about Jamaican black castor oil

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Jamaican black castor oil

Today, the focus on modern ways of curing ailments through allopathy has prevented us from using our ancestors’ tried and tested healing ways. The healing that happened by using herbs, barks, oils, and roots was much more natural and harmless. Most of you might be familiar with the term “castor oil.” Doctors used castor oil to cure many diseases. Today, it is used in some products like soap, perfume, paint, etc. Jamaican black castor oil may ring a distant bell in your head.

Jamaican castor oil is extracted from castor beans. Since the extraction method is different, the substance and its uses differentiate from regular castor oil. To get the traditional Jamaican black castor oil, first, the seeds are roasted before pulverizing into a mortar. Water is then added to the mashed beans, and lastly, the whole mixture is slowly boiled over a fire. Thus, a pungent, thick, and dark brown unadulterated Jamaican oil is prepared.

Wonders of Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Jamaican castor oil is an elixir for general health and well-being. It is generally used for gut health and digestive remedies, but its topical solutions include everything from improving the respiratory system to promoting hair growth to healing chapped lips. This oil has many nutrients and vitamins. Its biochemical formulation includes ricinoleic acid, a unique fatty acid that can only be found in castor beans and ergot (a fungus). Ricinoleic acid restrains the growth of many bacteria, viruses, molds, and yeasts. Let us understand the uses of this magical oil.  

1. Develops respiratory health

Jamaican black castor oil generally helps you cleanse your lungs. So it is beneficial in cases of chronic lung problems and acute bouts of bronchitis. Take roughly eight ounces of this oil and warm it on your stove. Soak strips of flannel fabric into the oil. Lay a plastic sheet out on a surface that you don’t mind getting castor oil on. Lie down on the sheet on your back and put the soaked flannel over your chest and sides and over your ribcage and lungs. Cover this with another plastic sheet, and then place a heating pad on top of it. By doing this, the oil will draw out toxins from your lungs and make you feel less congested.

2. Strengthens muscles

Do you ever experience back pain, rheumatism, sore muscles, swelling, and stiff joints? Jamaican castor oil can be a great reliever for these conditions. You can apply a generous amount of this oil to the affected area and massage it gently. You may also cover the massaged area with cling film and place a hot water bottle on top. The heat will help, and the analgesic properties of the oil will penetrate your inflamed tissues and joints. 

3. Improves hair quality

For women, hair is one of the most important aspects of their beauty and confidence. Are you suffering from a dry, itchy, or flaky scalp that results in hair loss? Jamaican black castor oil is best known for its ability to improve hair. This oil promotes hair growth, moisturises dry hair, strengthens brittle hair, and stops hair fall and split ends. It can be used on all hair types: thick, curly, thin, and straight. You can mix up one teaspoon of black castor oil, one tablespoon of coconut oil, and five drops of essential oil of your choice— preferably peppermint oil and massage your scalp with your fingertips. This strengthens the roots and stimulates blood flow. This oil contains rich omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids and vitamin E that gives your scalp and hair a smoother and softer texture. It also moisturises the scalp and fights dandruff and an itchy scalp. You can mix one tablespoon of black castor oil with one tablespoon of olive oil and the juice from half a lemon and warm it before massaging it on your scalp to combat dryness in your hair. This also stops hair thinning, hair breakage, baldness, and split ends.

4. Heals skin infection

Jamaican black castor oil acts as a magical ingredient for your skin’s nourishment. Most of us have faced some or other skin problems sometime in our lives, like acne, pigmentation, pimples, dryness, tanning, premature aging, etc. Jamaican castor oil may be the saviour you’re looking for. This castor oil fights and treats infections. It is known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties that slow down or even stop the spread of germs. Since this oil is natural and synthetic-free, you can safely apply it directly to the skin without any risk of infection or side effects. Through this topical treatment, you can increase blood flow in your face and improve overall skin health. If you are looking to heal an infection on your skin or get rid of a mole or an ingrown toenail, mix Jamaican castor oil with baking soda and rub it on your skin. 

5. Cures scars

This castor oil has shown remarkable results when it comes to lessening or entirely removing scars on the body. It won’t work on every scar, as some are too old and deep. But for many scars that are fresh and on the superficial layers of skin, Jamaican black castor oil has displayed great healing powers. This castor oil discourages the growth of new scar tissue. As new tissues do not form around the scar, the oil penetrates deeper and helps in the removal of old scar tissue.

First, clean the scar area with soap and water to remove natural oils from the skin. Then, gently massage a little castor oil over the scar with your fingertips. Ensure that you do not do this to any open wounds. It should only be attempted on old, healed scars. Once you’re done, wipe away any excess oil with a cotton ball and wash your hands. You may do this twice a day for a few weeks. You may soon notice the results.

6. Graceful ageing

Black castor oil treatment can reduce skin ageing and restore a natural youthful glow to your skin. You may start cleaning your face with a gentle cleanser and dry the face completely with a towel. Take a little amount of Jamaican black castor oil into your hands and apply it to your face. Focus more on massaging it into the lines or areas you’re concerned with. You may do this twice a day for the best results.

7. Manages Sebum

Sebum is a tricky substance on your skin. Sebum protects your skin. But if it goes below the ideal level, your skin can become cracked and dry. And if it increases too much, you may end up battling acne. If you are suffering from any such symptoms, Jamaican black castor oil may be able to help. The omega-9 fatty acid in this oil controls the production of sebum so that you don’t get too dry or too oily skin. Pour a good amount of Jamaican black castor oil onto your palm and rub it between your hands before gently massaging it into your face. Massage more into your problem areas. Rinse off the oil with a cloth soaked in hot water. This helps you get rid of any additional dirt, grime, or makeup. Doing this treatment twice a week gives good results.

8. Treats chapped lips

Many of us struggle with chapped lips due to the Indian climate. Dry, windy, and chilly days are worst for the lips. Jamaican castor oil treatment helps nourish cracked lips. Mix three tablespoons of Jamaican black castor oil, one tablespoon of butter, and one tablespoon of beeswax and melt them on a stove. Once they start heating and mixing together, add five drops of your preferred essential oil. Once everything is thoroughly combined, pour the mixture into an empty container. You can use this liquid as a lip balm to hydrate your lips.

Take away

The Jamaican black castor oil has a long and notable history and a matchless nutritional profile. Its traditional extraction method ensures unadulterated and more nutritional oil than regular castor oil. Consult your doctor before taking castor oil, especially if you are allergic. If you are willing to consume the castor oil, ask your doctor for advice, especially if you have had appendicitis, a weak digestive system, intestinal blockage, or even irregular or heavy menstruation. 

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