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Sugar Baby: How to Get a Sugar Daddy?

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Let’s be honest. Probably money is what interests you and this is the reason why you want to know how to get a Sugar Daddy. The point is that you are probably feeding a fantasy that might not be positive in your life. As a psychologist, I would like to tell you that a woman’s interest in getting a Sugar Daddy is not new, of course. However, in my opinion, it is something that has not left much happiness in the women who do it.

The life story of a woman interested in how to get a sugar daddy on sugar daddy websites symbolizes many things. A Sugar Baby looks for a father figure, probably absent or who was present in excess. And the idealized figure in the bond of money.

A Sugar Baby finds the meaning of love in the possession of material things. Where such possessions are likely to lie on top of other things that love could provide. The point of what a Sugar Baby gives up is unclear. Perhaps at the sexual desire for the person. Where perversion exists at the moment in which sexuality with the person is supplanted by the material.

This does not mean that they are women who would not be used sexually. On the contrary, they are women who give up their sexuality and the excitement lies in the possession of material things, not in sexuality itself with their Sugar Daddy. That is to say, “as long as you give me luxuries, I will give you my sexuality”. “As long as you give me the material, I will be willing to give up my sexuality, because my sexuality is money itself.”

So if you wonder how to get a Sugar Daddy for your plans, look for the relationship that falling in love with a man meant to you. At the time the figure of your father.

Now, what will be your problem? Well, when something is searched for pathologically, it generally has a context of lack. For this reason, what is consciously sought is unconsciously what is least desired to be found. Hence the reason that when you got your Sugar Daddy, you would feel empty. Because, because what you really have is a psychological conflict with your father figure. Because if what you are looking for is to have money, what you lacked was the love of the father figure.

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How to Get a Sugar Daddy?

How is what I say provable? Well, think about it, why is it that you are not interested in someone who loves you for who you are and who does not need to give you anything more than affection or understanding? To finish grinding it out, our modern concept does not help us much in understanding what are the truly important things in a relationship. We live in consumerism but not in humanism. Values ​​have been supplanted by possessions.

Think hard about how to get a Sugar Daddy. Since if you are looking for it with the aim of filling your gaps, you will probably make the worst decision of your life. Whether you get married or not, you will be unhappy. Since you will choose according to your pain and not according to your learning.

The reality was confirmed over and over again in the office. Currently I have had to serve many couples and what moves them is superficiality. Sugar Daddies of all ages. Figures that represent a provider father but who is emotionally distant and unattractive to them. Not for his money, of course. But then it’s his money, not his. And that seems to be not love. If your concept of Sugar Daddy is anything like Hugh Hefner’s, this goes way beyond the ages. This has to do with a fantasy, which would be worth knowing more about. How to get a Sugar Daddy? Go to therapy.

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