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How is the screen printing world?

A screen printing and equipment is applied to a design by pressing it through it, a standard printing method. Many industries use it to make custom clothing, canvasses, artwork, posters, and more.

Would you like to know how our site works for your great screen printing?

Our screen printing equipment company offers a whole line of screen printing equipment, including screens, exposure units, and heat transfer vinyl. The Senxi heat transfer vinyl is environmentally friendly and non-toxic, does not deform after hot stamping at high temperatures, and is suitable for stamping on different textiles. It is non-toxic and does not deform after hot stamping at high temperatures. The procedure is straightforward and convenient, and it takes only ten minutes.

In screen printing manufacturers, heat transfer vinyl is used.

 Heat transfer film and vinyl are today’s most popular printing materials. Heat transfer machines allow printing of any design pattern, including names, numbers, logos, and clothing design. 

Our company heat transfers vinyl for screen printing equipment manufacturers for customers worldwide. You can learn more about Senxi by clicking here: garment heat transfer vinyl.

This is how it is done:

Using a vinyl cutter to cut heat transfer vinyl, you can print names, numbers, logos, and designs onto T-shirts and other items with a heat press. It is highly durable, stretchable, wash quickly, and will last for the garment’s lifetime.

The way it worlds:

 Then make a contour cut with the cutter plotter of the image, then peel off the parts you don’t need. You can now press the image on t-shirts or other products made from fabric. After hot stamping at high temperatures, it does not deform, is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and can be used on various textiles to stamp specific patterns. Hot stamping takes about ten minutes and is easy to use. Screen printing equipment manufactures  use this process.

 The following characteristics define it:

  1. Soft, elastic, rich color, washable, feel good
  2. The product should not crack, fade, have an offensive odor, be fashionable, and be green
  3. Can be used to make DIY products or individuality design

 The company has been working this way for years:

  • An effective course solution 
  • Quick delivery and enough stock
  • Working with HTV printers 
  • Professionals for product development, quality assurance, and customer service 

Services introduction:

You will always receive after-sales service from us after you receive the goods. You can negotiate directly with the seller within 30 days of receiving the item(s) for a partial refund if it does not meet your expectations or quality issues.

 Offerings from this company include:

The company provides you with high-quality printing equipment. The company supplies wholesale Products are good, and our sales and technical teams are professional. Projects that need approval can only be implemented after approval by relevant departments. 

 If you have any questions about our products and services, for more details you can visit to https://www.cheonet.com/ 

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