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Quirky ideas for a cozy office

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A well-balanced office is a great asset. It can add value to your home and get your creative juices flowing. A cozy office can help you compartmentalize and boost productivity. If you are visiting your office daily, it is imperative to make that space comfortable and cost as well. If you have a vision for your office, then you can implement that. Your office need not adhere to the general norms of an office. Here are some quirky ideas you can use to make your office look great.

Ideas to make your office awesome

  1. Funky table – Ditch the quintessential office table of wood and drawers and opt for a cool table with an irregular shape or a bold colour like black. The table may serve the same purpose but you can break the tradition and go for something more adventurous. If you like vintage items, you can go for a sheesham desk with intricate carvings.
  2. Decoration and ornaments – Add knickknacks on your table like bobble heads, figurines, and other stuff that you think will brighten the place up. If you wish to add a touch of whimsy to the place, you can consider adding a few cartoon figurines around the office. Another great way to brighten the place up is to use colourful and attractive stationary.
  3. Chair – The office chair is where you will be spending most of your time when you are working. The chair should be comfortable and provide good support. Apart from the normal office chair, you can go for a leather highback chair as well. If you wish to add more seating in your room then you can think of adding reading chairs instead of the rolling chairs you generally see.
  4. Add plants and flowers – An artistic vase can go a long way in adding some freshness to your office. If you don’t want to make the effort of changing the flowers often, you can consider buying a dry flower arrangement that you can enjoy everyday. Adding a potted plant like a small succulent is a great idea. If you have a nook in your office that is free, try adding plants that flower instead of the usual indoor plants to enliven the office. 
  5. Art and artifacts – Art is a relative concept and what you consider tasteful might not be someone else’s choice. Get art pieces that aren’t controversial in nature and instead have soothing abstract pieces of landscapes. If you want something outside the box, then you can try art with a bold colour scheme. Artifacts don’t necessarily have to be idols or figurines. If you have some special drawings and pottery items done by your children, nieces, or nephews, you can proudly show those off as well. 

An office is a personal space that is allocated to you. You can express your preferences and make them your own by adding things that speak about your personality. As long as it is appropriate, you can consider making changes and adding it to your office space. Your office space, whether it is in a different building or in your home, should have items that break the normal monotony and keep the place vibrant and full of life.

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