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QuickBooks H202 Error: Easy ways to resolve

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QuickBooks H202

When users switch Quickbooks software to multi-user mode, they often encounter error code H202. The error is often caused by a blocked connection to the QB company file server system (QBW). If you are unable to communicate with the server, you will not be able to access the company files. As a result, you will not be able to complete the most important tasks. 

In this article, we will show you how to identify the cause of the QuickBooks H202 Error and how to fix it permanently. This troubleshooting guide explains the repairing steps in a simplified manner.

QuickBooks Error Code H202: Causes & Reasons

Now we will look at the causes of the QuickBooks H202 Error. When attempting to connect with the file, the software encounters this error. Reasons include:

  • Hosting settings are incorrect.  
  • Firewalls on the server are blocking all incoming and outgoing data.  
  • Interference with the DNS server.
  • Your QuickBooks file cannot be located by QuickBooks due to an incompatibility with QuickBooks’ IP address.  
  • Several QuickBooks services are not running on the server computer, including QBCFMonitor and QuickBooksDBXXX.

Quickbooks Error H202: Top Repairing Solutions

Solution 1: Ping the Server from Workstation

Using a ping command on each computer and workstation, you can check for QuickBooks H202 Error.

Step 1: Turning on Network Discovery
  • The first step is to open “Windows Start”.
  • In the empty search box, type “Network”. Access the “Network Sharing Center”.  
  • After that, click “Change Advanced Sharing Settings”.    
  • Go to “Printer Sharing” & “Network Discovery File”. Check that “Network Discovery” is turned on.
Step 2: Write your Server’s Name
  • Launch “Windows Start”.  
  • Next, type “Run”.
  • Press “Enter” and type “CMD”.
  • In the CMD window, enter ipconfig/all. Hit Enter.  
  • Locate the host name under Windows IP Configuration. On the right, you’ll see your server name.
  • Once you have it, you can either write down the information.
Step 3: Testing Network Connectivity

Go to your server’s computer/hosting system and test it. It may be difficult for you to follow these steps, & if you need some assistance, contact a professional.

  • To open “Run”, hold “Windows+R”.
  • Tap on “OK”, then write “CMD”.
  • To get access to the server, you need to ping it from your computer.  
  • Now, write up the ping_server name. Tap on “Enter”.
  • If you are experiencing the Quickbooks Error Code H202, the above steps can be performed on any system that is affected.
  • If your response is slow or you lose packets, the network may be malfunctioning. This may require a repair.

Solution 2: Delete the .ND file & Create a New Network Data File

QuickBooks.ND files contain network configuration information. Using this information, QuickBooks can connect to other computers on the workstation. When the file is damaged, QuickBooks will not be able to connect. The new.ND file will be automatically created without any errors after QuickBooks deletes the original.ND file. Steps are as follows:

  • On the desktop search bar, find the *.nd file.
  • Tap on Enter  
  • There is no need to keep the .nd file.
  • To access the QB Database Server Administrator, navigate to All Programs & navigate to QB Database Server Administrator.
  • Then click “Scan Folder” & go to “Add Folder”.
  • Moving further, look for your company file, then hit “OK”.
  • Next, use the option “Scan” for the scanning process.  
  • Tap “Close” after the scan is completed.

Solution 3: Using QBs Install Diagnostic Tool

Damage and errors within your company file can cause network problems and can be resolved by the QB Connection Diagnostic Tool. Using this tool, you can access the company file on the host system and fix the QuickBooks H202 error. The steps to use the tool are:

You can download the tool from the Inuit website.

  • In the download folder, double-click “Exe File”. Follow the installation instructions once the tool opens.  
  • Usually, the Diagnostic Tool will automatically launch after the installation has been completed. Afterwards, you will be able to use QB’s diagnostic tool to efficiently fix any network or server issues.  

Download the Connection Diagnostic Tool and run it.

  • Tap “Utilities”, then “Repair Network Problems”.
  • Then click “Continue” on the next window.
  • Select the damaged file, then go to “Show Advanced Settings”.  
  • You can now choose which error/problem is affecting your network via the drop-down list.  
  • Log in to move forward.  

It may take some time. Consequently, please do not try to use Quickbooks Install Diagnostic tool until it resolves the data errors and network issues with multi-user compatibility. Once the scan is complete, restart the software and continue your work. 

Note: Other tools that can be used to repair QuickBooks H-Series errors include QuickBooks File Doctor Tool, QuickBooksTool Hub and many more.

Last Words

This blog discusses Quickbooks H202 Error Code in depth, from basics to detailed information. Furthermore, this post covers all the technical steps that have been proven to be effective in solving QuickBooks error H202. As a final note, we hope that you have got everything you need to resolve such types of QuicKBooks errors.

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