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Neighbourhood Effect – What Makes a Great Neighbourhood?

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Looking to buy a house? One of the most important decision-making factors would be the property location. What would be your criteria during the selection process besides the obvious restrictions of budget? All of us have different needs and desires that largely depend on size of family and future needs, when we search for the “ideal neighbourhood” to settle down.

Top 10 Best Calgary Neighbourhoods to Live In

Here are certain essential components that families, in general, expect from the neighbourhood:

Matching lifestyle

Whether one is looking for a house for rent or purchase, we tend to instinctively gravitate towards neighbourhoods that are in sync with current lifestyle needs. So, while a suburban gated community with lifestyle amenities may be just the ideal housing plan for a family with elders and children, it may not be suitable for young professionals spending long hours at the office to further their career.


A residential neighbourhood should have safe streets and strong policing. Streets connecting homes across the neighbourhood should be lined with wide pavements to allow everyone to walk around without fear of attack from a stray animal or a criminal.

Proximity to essential services and stores

Life is full of surprises, and some of them may require the immediate attention of experts like doctors, firemen, electricians, plumbers, etc.  Besides these, there are several other essential things that people require on a regular basis, and it is helpful if stores providing these essentials are within walking or close driving distance of one’s home. Proximity to hospitals, provision stores, medical stores, vegetable stores, bakery, banks, salon, restaurants, etc., is a must for a great neighbourhood.

Proximity to public transport

With growing awareness about global warming and rising traffic issues, people are gravitating towards public transport, and it is a plus if public transportation like buses and trains are near a residential neighbourhood.

Parks and open spaces

Most city dwellers today miss the open spaces of large parks and play areas with abundant shade of trees and natural beauty of small birds and animals. While this luxury is usually provided by new gated communities, some old neighbourhoods that have not been taken over by developers, still have these facilities. It is essential to maintain this kind of set up so families can sit and spend quality time with neighbours that will also encourage safety.

Proximity to entertainment sources

Which family would not like to go out on a short drive during weekends to a movie or shopping mall just to spend a few hours together? A neighbourhood that is close to entertainment zones like movie theatres, shopping areas, pubs, library, etc.,  is always a better choice than one that is slightly away from these facilities.

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