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Meebhomi AP: For property related services in Andra Pradesh

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MeeBhoomi is an online portal that provides information related to land records to the citizens of Andhra Pradesh. The government of Andhra Pradesh launched this portal to make the data accessible and easy to manage. They have made land-related data and documents transparent and manageable with this digital step.

Along with providing information, the MeeBhoomi online portal offers a variety of tools and features, which are as follows:

MeeBhoomi Portal Features

1) Meebhoomi ap fmb – The field measurement book is an online collection of the data of maps. It helps a user to access meebhoomi ap maps. The field maps of the village can be located and viewed easily with the help of this feature.

2) Accesilibity – The portal can be used from any location within Andhra Pradesh and is accessible to all citizens.

3) Pattadar passbook statistics – The portal provides statistics based on the data of the E-passbook generated by them. The statistics can then be used to assess personal land data or improve the quality of the work.

4) Report grievances – It provides a platform for all its users to lodge a complaint or report any grievances related to the field. An option to check the status of your reported complaints is also provided within the complaints section on the portal. 

5) Soil data – All the information related to soil and even land conservation is available on the portal. It even provides detailed insight into the crops and the quality of water used.

6) Mobile application – To add to the users’ convenience, mee Bhoomi Andhra Pradesh has even launched a mobile application that makes all the information and services accessible to the citizens within their phones.

7) KYC details – AP meebhoomi provides KYC details of all the land owners. This feature makes the task of checking the authenticity of a property owner extremely convenient. 

8) Language – Meebhoomi Andhra Pradesh also makes the information accessible to the citizens in their local language.

9) The app makes land surveying and risk assessment facilities available.

Below are the benefits of using this unique portal:

a) Real-time updates: It provides an SMS feature that sends real-time updates to the user. To sign up for it, you just have to verify your number and sign up for the regular updates via SMS within the portal. 

b) All the data in one place: The portal is a one-stop-shop solution to all the land-related woes, or even if someone just wants to enquire a little about a particular land within the city. Details like KYC details of a landowner are also available in the portal. 

c) Accessible to all citizens: Any citizen of Andhra Pradesh can use this online portal by simply linking their aadhar. Once the card is linked, all the details of the property will be displayed on the portal. The web portal has been designed to cater to all the property and land-related needs of the citizens, and therefore it is accessible to each of them. 

d) Convenience: All the users can easily find maps and field measurement book in one place. They do not have to gather the data manually as everything is easily accessible and manageable within the portal.

e) User-friendly: The app and the portal have been designed by keeping the userbase in mind. They can get all the land and property-related information they want in one place that too in their local language. This makes it convenient for everyone to use the app.

Remember these steps when using MeeBhoomi AP:

Steps to link your aadhar to the meebhoomi online portal are as follows:

Step 1: Visit https://meebhoomi.ap.gov.in/

Step 2: Go to Aadhar/ Other identities option and click on Aadhar Linking

Step 3: Fill in the required details like the village, city, district, and aadhar number.

That’s it! Your account gets linked with the application with a few easy steps.

Steps to access the field measurement book (FMB) on MeeBhoomi AP:

Step 1: Login to MeeBhoomi’s official website.

Step 2: Select Meebhoomi FMB

Step 3: Fill in all the required details on the FMB page

Step 4: Click on submit, and you will be redirected to the page with the desired information

Steps to report a grievance:

Step 1: Login to the meebhoomi online portal

Step 2: Visit their homepage and select the ‘complaints’ option

Step 3: Select the ‘register the complaints’ option and provide all the required information. It will provide you with the option of selecting the type of complaint. 

Step 4: Once you submit all the details, an OTP will be sent to your registered contact number. Fill in the OTP and click on ‘save changes.

How to check the status of the reported complaint?

Step 1: Login to the portal and select the ‘complaints’ option from the homepage. 

Step 2: Select’ status of complaints’ from all drop-down options available.

Step 3: You will be redirected to a page that will require you to select your district name and enter your complaint number. Fill in the required details to proceed. 

Step 4: Press the click button, and all the details of your complaint will be displayed in front of you.


MeeBhoomi online portal is an excellent initiative by the government of Andhra Pradesh. The decision to digitize all the land-related data and provide services in one place can be very beneficial to people working in this field. Along with increasing the ease of access, the portal provides transparency and accurate information about things the citizens would have struggled to assemble otherwise. 

All the major facilities like field measurement book, maps, and complaint lodging are made accessible to the citizens in one place that can be used with the help of a few clicks. With the mobile application, accessing this information has been made even simpler as one need not require a computer or a laptop to be able to use the portal.

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