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Know These Aspects before Choosing an Interior Painting Service

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When building or renovating your home, interior design is one of the most crucial aspects of maintaining your home’s ambiance and value. However, a large number of homeowners do not know where to start. Considering your house walls make up a huge percentage of your home, a fresh and stylish coat of paint will add a unique and enormous style, beauty, and value to your home.

Since there are a variety of paints, it can be overwhelming to settle on the perfect paint for your home. Mentioned below are some of the important tips that can help you find the best paint for your interior walls and surfaces. 


When doing your interior painting, the first thing you should consider is color. This requires a lot of thought and personal preferences. To make your work a lot less daunting, you should settle on colors that attract you and that settle right with your family. Another factor you can consider is matching your paint color from https://www.onedaypaint.com.au/ with your existing furniture color and décor.

You can pick interior painting colors from your area rug or furniture material. The color pattern must match your style and preference. If your furniture color is brown, tan, or beige, a great option would be to go for a more neutral color for your walls. 

But if you are worried that a new paint color will overwhelm your space, you can go for an accent wall.

Cover the majority of your walls with an eggshell or white coat, but use a neutral such as light blue, lavender, moss green, or beige to paint some parts of the wall. This makes the room feel alive and also adds beautiful color to your inside.

What finish are you looking for?

After you have settled on a color, the next thing to consider is the type of finish. You need to be careful when choosing a type of finish because some finishes are not recommended for certain rooms. Here are some ways you can use to determine the right finish for your rooms.

  • Gloss: A glossy finish is good for the kitchen or bathrooms. A glossy finish allows you to wipe away dirt and moisture easily, which helps in keeping the walls of your kitchen and rooms clean.
  • Satin: This is great for the living and dining rooms. Satin is easy to clean but lacks the shiny finish of a gloss finish. 
  • Eggshell: It is a beautiful and elegant finish but this finish will show marks and other imperfections. Avoid it in the kitchen, bathroom, and family rooms. But you can use it for a formal area, like a study room. 


The lighting in your room will greatly affect your paint color even if you choose the right color and finish. Use strong paint colors in rooms that receive too much natural light, as this prevents a bland appearance. It’s also important to remember that natural light makes dark colors appear bright.

It can be stressful choosing the right paint for your home. To avoid the hassle, you can use a professional interior house painting service like onedaypaint.com.au to ensure you get an efficient job that will improve your home’s appeal and interior design.

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