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IVA: Everything You Need to Know

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Are you overwhelmed with debt? If so, appealing for an IVA-individual voluntary agreement may be the most suitable option. Keep reading this blog carefully if you want to know more about IVA before deciding whether it’s the right choice for you or not:

What is an IVA?

An individual voluntary arrangement is a procedure that enables you to deal with debt you’re encountering to repay. It’s an alliance between you, and your consignee means organizations you owe money to. Based on this agreement, you can not only familiarize yourself with the  Implications of an IVA but also can set out when and how you’ll repay them. For instance, you might assure them to provide them with some of your monthly salaries or pay them a round sum. In return, cashiers may admit to eliminating some portion of your debt. This way, you need not pay the entire amount unpaid.

Is an IVA suitable for you?

Only a few people are eligible to certify for an IVA. The most relevant creditors include approximately 75 % of your debt in the agreement. And it’s a must-taken step that every consignee has to take while making an individual voluntary arrangement with any customer. As per the rules and regulations, cashiers can’t include a few debts like- student loans, fines, and child support. In addition, as an illustration, if you are a native of Scotland, you are not eligible to obtain an IVA, but there is a possibility that you can get a Protected Trust Deed, which is as same as IVA.

Are you willing to set up an individual voluntary arrangement? You can’t escape paying a licensed insolvency practitioner, usually a qualified lawyer or accountant. You can’t ever get an estimate about how much fees the practitioner will include in your agreement. But yes, they will add it to your contract.

If you want to deal with your debt most efficiently, there are countless ways to do that. It includes- “Debt Relief Orders” and “Bankruptcy.” Besides, you can speak freely to an independent debt adviser for additional support to repay your debts. This way, an ideal counsellor will help you to deal with all kinds of burdens and headaches regarding the debt that you have taken.

How does an IVA perform, and how will it influence your life?

Usually, an individual voluntary arrangement works for approximately 5 to 6 years, but if you skip payments, it’ll be elongated. But, it’s just for you to stick to all the rules mentioned in the agreement during this period. This way, you can control your money in a limited way.

 Can you expect how much an IVA affects you and your entire life? If not, read the below-mentioned information that will enable you to be familiarized yourself with all the impacts of an IVA:-

  • Expenditures
  • Financing
  • Your Valuables
  • Your Savings
  • Your Job
  • You business

How will an IVA affect your credit rating?

Do you know if you acquire an individual voluntary arrangement, it’s documented on your credit report? As a result, your credit score will go down. And due to a lower score, you will have to struggle to borrow money. But if you want to verify your Experian Credit Score, you can do it anytime by organizing a free Experian account.


In short, with the help of an IVA, you can easily keep your spending on track, even for the long term.

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