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How to (safely) use sex toys to avoid injuries.

How to (safely) use sex toys to avoid injuries.

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Sexual pleasure is something we all want, and sexual satisfaction is like our birthright. It is like an essential need, and we need to accept this. We all need to understand that “sex” is a very important part of a healthy and happy life. If you need to use toys to get that happiness, then go for it.

Toys are always a great source of happiness, toys made our childhood way better now it’s time to make adulthood happy with kinky toys. So when it comes to choosing “the sex toy” for you, the safety of sex toys can be a major concern along with other things. Because from childhood we have been taught one thing, that “Prevention is better than Cure”.

Some people randomly use some other stuff as a sex toy; that asks yourself whether it is safe or not. We all have heard people using cucumber or bananas or electric brushes or hairbrush handles or sometimes plastic shampoo bottles without having major issues, but sometimes or for some people it can be dangerous, so don’t mix things.

Sex injuries

Sex injuries are rare, but it does not mean that we need not follow any precautions, as we all know a tiny little hole can drown the whole boat.

Some rare sex toy injuries that can happen are:

  • The most common one is an allergic reaction to the ingredients used in lubricants. 
  • If you are into BDSM then; bruises, rope burns, slashes, etc. you can face.
  • Cuts from pinpointed toys.
  • A stuck cock ring.
  • Temporally numbness by overuse.  
  • Over pumping with clit, vagina, nipple, or penis vacuums can cause burst blood vessels.

Injuries from sex toys are very rare

However, these all can be prevented if you follow some ground rules. Injuries from sex toys are very rare, but in the case of most sex injuries, sex toys are not involved. Mostly they are some homemade DIY stuff that caused the main problems. 

One of the injuries which can be caused by sex toys is when you stuck something wrong in your butt. If something is going inside your butt, it needs to be specifically designed for your butt. Our vaginal structure is very different from our anal structure.

The vagina has an end zone (the cervix) but our anal canal does not; explained by Lisa Finn, a sex educator. The anal keeps going to the rectum then a colon and then to the digestive system, she says. That is why we need special anal toys for anal play. Do not use any other toys for anal play.

Because anal toys are small in size, and they also have a base, in the end, to work as an anchor to stop from going deep inside your butt. As we already said that the toys are not the problem, but the household material we use as toys is the problem.  

Few things you can keep in your mind to make sure that your sex toy stash is safe while making a purchase:

  • Always check the details of your toy. Read all the descriptions, what kind of material is used? Do proper research and study about toys. If it contains BPA or phthalates or jelly rubber material then probably it is not something that you should put inside your vulva or as. Always go for silicon-based material, glass, or stainless steel. 
  • Do not ever go for super cheap sex toys, and then probably they are made of super cheap plastic. Always pay close attention to the price. If you are going to buy, buy from a reputed brand (we recommend you to buy from Cupidbaba). So that you know what you are buying is safe.
  • Always go for non-porous material. They do not let bacteria or any kind of dirt get lodged in the surface, and they are easy to clean and wash. 
  • Always use anal toys for anal play and vaginal toys for vulva stimulation and prostate massager or prostate stimulation. Do not use a single toy for multi-actions, it can be dangerous.

When it comes to investing in your sex toy, CupidBaba personally recommends you to not go for cheap. 

Precautions we can follow:

Safety rules are very important when it comes to sex toys. There is no rule book type of thing, but there are some ground rounds you can follow to prevent some serious injuries. 

  • Wash your toys often.
  • Always use good lubrication.
  • Do NOT share your toy with others.
  •  Do not overuse them.
  • Always read the instructions properly.
  • Never recharge your toy when it is wet. Complete dry before you recharge them.
  • Make sure your toy is water safe or not. If it is water safe, then still make your battery seal is properly tight.
  • If you are using sex toys with your partner, each partner’s consent is very important. 


That’s it! There are a few things you need to keep in your mind because safety while using any toy on your body is a must. Yes, learning about getting injured from sex toys is something that can be a major turn-off, but it shouldn’t be. So the bottom line is, try as many toys as you want to, but also consider the precautions.

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