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How to Prepare Your Motorized Outdoor Blinds for Rain and Storm?

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Living in South Australia can be challenging because of the weather. Sunny days can quickly turn into hot and dry conditions, and storms sometimes bring strong winds that threaten to tear your home apart. Thankfully, there is an alternative to dealing with this problem: outdoor electric blinds. These products offer excellent protection against hail, sunlight and wind, and they provide you with a more relaxing living space.
Outdoor blinds protect your home from storms by deflecting rain and hail away from your home and windows. They also allow you to keep your curtains open and let natural light in. This way, you don’t have to worry about them getting wet or causing damage indoors.
While you have the recommended outdoor blinds in your house, you should not forget to maintain them. Over time, the strong sun, rain and cold winds will start to damage your blinds. The product can fade, fray and lose their grip. Along with the change in look of your window treatment after a few years, there should also be concern about their structural integrity, longevity and functionality.

Storing Your Outdoor Roller Blinds Before the Bad Weather

But storing away your window shades before a storm comes will keep your roller blinds in good condition and prolong their life. Otherwise, you should prepare to replace them when the storm ends. If you want to know more about how you can maintain your roller blinds and how to care for them, stop by our nearby location in Adelaide, SA. We offer high-quality services from experts. If you want your outdoor blinds to stay in good condition, you need to store them away when there is bad weather. A few drops of rain will not harm them, but if you leave them exposed during a storm, high winds can damage the material and cause the blinds to break.

Choosing Outdoor Blinds Designed for Your Local Conditions

Country Blinds is a leading supplier of premium quality custom made blinds that provide unmatched strength and durability while ensuring they are suited to the weather. The materials we use are built to last, allowing them to withstand all kinds of weather.
Roller blinds exposed to salty sea air should be made of all stainless steel or aluminum. Metal, unlike elastic fabrics, will not stretch or fade. You can even add a finish, such as stainless steel, to protect the curtain and make it more resistant to the corrosive nature of salt water. In addition, durable materials are easier to clean; you need only wipe the rust off your blinds.

Religiously Maintain the Condition of your Outdoor Blinds

When you notice that your roller blinds are becoming susceptible to strong winds, it is most likely that they need to be replaced. For example, if you do not notice the fact that the end caps are loose or cracked and your roller blind has been swept off its tracks by a gust of wind, this may cause serious damage. Replacing your roller blinds will prevent them from breaking and ensure greater safety.

What to do After the Storm

We recommend giving your outdoor blinds additional care after the storm has passed. After pulling the blinds off their track, you should use a damp cloth to wipe off their surface, eliminating dust or debris and preventing mould from forming. You must also check the track for obstructions, maintaining it so that your blinds operate smoothly for years to come.

Get Your Outdoor Blinds from a Reliable Supplier

It is easy for outdoor window blinds to get damaged during severe weather conditions. Water may seep into the windows and cause them to crack, while strong winds may tear away a panel or two. This is why Adelaide homeowners prefer buying outdoor blinds made by renowned manufacturers. If they are faulty, the manufacturer should compensate you by either providing a replacement or accepting your return.
Country Blinds offers a wide range of blinds that are manufactured locally to withstand the harsh weather conditions in South Australia. Each product is unique, and we will make sure that you are satisfied with what you have chosen. Our online store is easy to navigate, and our customer service representatives are ready to help when you have questions or concerns.

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