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How To Live With Hand And Wrist Pain 

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There are many potential reasons why you may have hand or wrist pain. However, pain such as this is typically caused by a strain, sprain, arthritis, tendinitis, or carpal tunnel syndrome. 

Unless the pain is severe, it’s likely that you can manage the pain yourself. Here’s how:

Take Painkillers 

Many people take painkillers every day. They take them for a variety of aches and pains and for the most part, the painkillers work. When you have a sore hand or wrist you may find that over-the-counter painkillers work well for you. 

Just make sure that you take them as per the instructions on the package. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication can help with the swelling and the pain. 

Some gels may work well by targeting the site of the pain. However, it’s important to make sure that you use tablets or gels rather than both. 

Opt for Physical Therapy 

If your pain isn’t too bad but your movements are limited, physical therapy can help. Some people are able to self-refer for physical therapy, others may need to see their doctor first. 

One of the great things about this type of treatment is it can help you to improve your wrist’s movements. You could be taught how to exercise your wrist or hand in a way that strengthens it. Some exercises may even help to prevent future injuries. Just make sure that you always carry out the exercises you’ve been shown. 

Use Ice And Heat 

Some people find that using ice and heat can help them to deal with pain. Should you have swelling, an ice pack can help to reduce it. When using an ice pack, however, please make sure you always wrap it in a towel. Direct contact with your skin can burn it. 

Use the ice pack for up to 20 minutes a time, 2-3 times a day. 

If you have a painful and stiff hand or wrist, a heat pack could help. Always place a towel between your skin and the heat pack. Do this for up to 20 minutes, 2-3 times a day. 

Rest Your Hand or Wrist 

A good way for you to deal with your hand or wrist pain is to rest it. Resting can help a lot, especially if you’re suffering from a sprain or strain. Sometimes all that your wrist or hand will need is a bit of rest. 

While it is OK for you to move your wrist or hand a little, try not to lift anything too heavy. If you do, you could cause more pain. 

Speak With Your Doctor 

If you are concerned about your wrist or hand or you’re in a lot of pain, speak to your doctor. Your doctor may take a look at the area and try to determine what is wrong. They may even ask you to go for an x-ray. 

Always listen to your doctor’s advice and take any medication you’ve been prescribed. This will ensure your hand or wrist is likely to get better sooner rather than later. 

Use the above tips to help you to live with your hand and wrist pain. 

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