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How to last longer in the bedroom

by Rajdeep Basu

If you find yourself wondering how you can last longer in the bedroom, you’re not alone. This is a common thought amongst men that are finishing sooner than they’d like to during sex. This can be due to a few things such as anxiety about performance and if you’re not having sex very often. If you need some tips on how to last longer in bed, look no further! We’ll discuss below how you can build up that stamina from pre-sex masturbation to a change in position. 

Extend the foreplay 

If you have a history of finishing too soon, it might be worth switching it up a bit. Instead of focussing on the main event, extend the pre-sex fun. You could introduce toys for stimulation such as vibrators or mouth fleshlights, you could focus more on the passion beforehand, something that you can both enjoy and explore before diving into sex straight away. This just means that you can both still experience some pleasure and stimulation, regardless of how long you last during the actual intercourse. Also, you can prefer Escorts in London to enjoy your night in bedroom with awesome pleasure.

Masturbation before sex

This might seem wrong but if lasting longer is the goal, it might just be the way to go. By doing this, you can make sure that your body isn’t as sensitive to sexual stimulation. This might take a bit of experimenting to find how long you should masturbate beforehand so that you can still have sex. But not too long that your body can fully reset. 

Change your position  

This can allow you to take a bit of a break without saying as much. Changing positions allows you to pause and take a break from the stimulation, and lets you cool off a bit. This can be done subtly and doesn’t have to cause an issue during sex, and it allows for you and your partner to try new things! You could also consider slowing down. Fast movements mean more stimulation which leads to finishing early, so slow movements allow you to really be mindful of the signals that your body is giving you. 

Talk to your partner 

In a relationship, communicating your problems is key. Tell your partner if you think your time in the bedroom is lacking because you’re not lasting as long as you’d hope to and see what they think. You could be putting too much pressure on yourself, and your partner may not have even noticed. But by communicating with your partner, you can move forward with finding techniques and positions that work best for you both and can help you last longer. 

Talk to someone 

Finishing too early is natural for a lot of men and there are a lot of ways and techniques that you could try to help you last longer. But if it’s beginning to cause an issue with confidence or in your relationship, talking to your doctor or a therapist could help. They can help to figure out the root cause of the problem and provide you with a few ways of dealing with it. 

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