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How to Get Information about LIC IPO Date in India?

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After merging and nationalizing 245 private life insurance businesses in India, LIC was formed in 1956. It is the country’s largest life insurer, with a market share of 64% in terms of premiums. For Fiscal 2021, the company has a 74.6 percent market share in individual policies issued and an 81.1 percent market share in terms of group policies issued. As of September 30, 2021, LIC has spread across eight zonal offices, 113 divisional offices, and about 4,700 branch/satellite and small offices. 

LIC is India’s largest asset manager,  as of September 30, 2021, with a standalone AUM of Rs. 39.56 lakh crore. It amounted to more than 3.3 times the entire AUM of all private life insurance players in India and 18.5 percent of India’s annualized GDP for Fiscal 2022. LIC is also the largest player in India’s equity markets; its investments in listed equity accounted for around 4% of NSE’s entire market capitalization. As of March 31, 2021, LIC was ranked seventh globally in terms of total assets.

LIC IPO Date in India 

LIC (Life Insurance Corporation), the country’s largest insurance company, has offered its first initial public offering. LIC IPO Date is expected to reach the public by mid-March. Some say that it is expected by 10th March 2022. As of now, the company has not disclosed fixed information about the date. But will soon address everyone through their websites and all the other sites.

The Tentative LIC IPO Date is as follows:

7th March 2022- Price band announcement.

10th March 2022- The offer for the IPO will open.

14th March 2022- The offer for the IPO closes. During this time, you can place your bid and try standing a chance to get the bid.

17th March 2022- On this day, the allotment will be done 

22nd March 2022- Shares will be visible on your Demat account

23rd March 2022- People can start trading from this day in LIC.

How to get information about the LIC IPO Date in India? 

There are many ways to get information about the LIC IPO Date. The most trending topic in the financial sector is the LIC IPO. People and investors are curious to know when the LIC IPO will come, the benefits and how one can avail of such an offer. So as of now, the company has just told us that it would come in mid-march. People have already started planning for the day and are eager to invest in a company that rules the insurance market. 

To know about the LIC IPO date, you can visit the following places to know more about it.

Company Websites 

There are a lot of financial service companies trying to know about the LIC IPO. As the most anticipated IPO, many companies give information and perspective about this IPO on their websites. When the list is in the market, the investors can choose their service to invest in. 

When the final date is announced from LIC, companies like IIFL will also announce the same through their websites and app in which you will get notification about everything you need to know about LIC IPO.

News Channels

The News channels in India have explained LIC IPO very elaborately to their viewers. The news channels have called the experts to share the details as they explain the company, its history, expected date of the IPO, and many other details related to the topic.

Platforms like YouTube 

If a person needs to learn something much better, they switch to visual learning. Many content creators have covered this part about the LIC IPO. Many have researched and suggested tentative LIC IPO Dates that will help investors plan properly for the final date. Here on this platform, they have explained in detail and properly all things we can expect from them and the eligibility criteria for investors to apply.

There are many ways to get information about the LIC IPO date. Even if you’re staying overseas, you will get the information about it through the website or an app. As of now, we can only wait till March for the final dates from the company to invest in the most anticipated IPO of all time.  

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