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How to DIY Air Conditioner Repair

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The main ac repair hendersonville carried out may be due to the air conditioner not turning on, poor cooling capacity, lost airflow, or internal components of the air conditioner.

Typical air conditioner components that need to be replaced are defective compressors or condensers, defective air handling units, defective duct systems, and air leaks.

If the air conditioner doesn’t start, most of the problems are related to electricity and you need to check the controls and switches. You need to make sure that the circuit breaker and thermostat are working properly.

After that, it is necessary to check the air handling unit consisting of the return air plenum, the air filter, the blower fan, the heating / cooling coil, and the supply plenum. Next, you need to check the circuit breakers of the compressor and air handling unit.

If the air conditioning problem persists, you need to check if the duct system, that is, the return air duct and the air supply duct, and the filter carry air from the air handler to another destination room in the building.

The other most common problem with air conditioners is that they do not provide a good cooling effect. Therefore, it is necessary to check the blower unit.

If it is dirty, the cold air supply will be cut off, so clean it. The reduced cooling can also be due to an old or old air compressor that needs to be replaced.

Air compressors are expensive and this is an expensive repair. If the air conditioner’s condensed water is not drained properly, the air handler leaks, the air duct is damaged, or there is a problem with the air conditioner’s refrigerant system, the cooling effect will be reduced.

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