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How to Design a Cozy Home: A Beginner’s Guide

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How to Design a Cozy Home

Decorating your first home is always a special experience, whether you plan to live in or are an amateur interior decorator. With a little practice and guidance, you can design the perfect home – a home where you’d want to live in and every furniture, appliance, and accessory fits right in. It can also be an overwhelming experience, and you might want to go overboard. Free your creative self but also remember to restrain yourself and not overcrowd. Here are some further tips to help you design your beginner home:

Choosing the Colors

Keeping all your rooms in dramatically different colors isn’t the best idea. Choose a palette and set the tone right at the front door. You can opt for lighter and neutral shades for larger spaces. But don’t be afraid to play with darker shades. Especially for smaller, restricted spaces go for vibrant colors and patterns that’d accent the space.

Prioritizing Your Essentials

Keep your budget in mind and at par pick your essentials. If you are moving in alone, a single bed should suffice. Similarly, you can go for a grand sofa set as well as simply a plush couch and a coffee table. A refrigerator, a stove, shelves for your kitchen and other essentials, and so on. But overall, your first step should be to look out for repairs, check the electric work, plumbing, and so on. For instance, do you have a plug point near your bed and at your work/reading corner?

Lighting is Crucial

Appropriate lighting without making a large dent in your budget can make your place look grand and elegant. Think of it in three layers for each of your rooms. The first step is to work on the overall lighting of your room which would mostly be the ceiling units. The second would be to go on more focused lighting such as a lamp for your study corner, lights for your dresser, and so on. And the third focus should be on  mid century modern decor pieces such as artwork or showpieces.

Accessorize Light and Bold

A few accessories are a must but not too many. For instance, go for plants such as heart-shaped philodendron, bird of paradise, and rubber trees as they can liven up your space. However small and scattered potted plants won’t do you any justice, so go for bigger indoor plants, or design a green corner. Similarly, for a lightly painted room, go for a bold rug and artwork. However, you cannot have your house with all accessories and very little furniture.

Function before Design

While minimalist fashion is always elegant and gorgeous, an overcrowded room means you’d only have less walking space and a rushed mind. For instance, expert decorators often advise keeping some space between your sofa set and other living room furniture a little away instead of pushing everything against the walls and windows. Choose a sofa design and size accordingly. Keep it light and airy, and if that means compromising a piece of furniture, so be it.

Hope these help you out in starting your process and you end up designing the perfect dream home. And remember your house isn’t a showroom, so take care of the functions and utilities first and then care for the design that impresses you.


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