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How to create a website using Elementor – Building Your Website with Elementor!

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Today we’re likely to see, The best way to make a website using Elementor [Drag Website Builder ]. Elementor is really a WordPress WordPress plugin Which will help to you in Creating Your Site making it more Responsive and Eye appealing Without Needing any CSS Javascript or other Coding Language. Elementor have Free and Compensated both versions. But that you can do a lot of things in Free Version. To make your website using elementor first you have to ‘Launch your website’ When you launch your website, your site is going to be live on the web.


Launch Your Site

To launch your website, First You have to Purchase a Hosting and Website name. Here’s where things get interesting. Unlike other WordPress website builders, Elementor offers built-in hosting features. Dubbed ‘Elementor Cloud Website’, you can opt to build your entire website within Elementor. For as little as $99 a year, you can benefit from Elementor’s cloud hosting for WordPress and bypass a third party solution. Once you have your domain and hosting. You will want to set up WordPress in your hosting account. After WordPress Installation you’ll be able to begin building your website.


Setup Elementor WordPress plugin

Now, you have to setup Elementor in your site. So to put it together You need to do 4 steps the initial step would be to ‘login for your WordPress site. To login just see your site’s address after which type /login If you press enter You can observe that we have the login page of WordPress. Now go into the login details that you simply selected for WordPress and click on login then you’ll achieve your WordPress dashboard.


The next thing is to ‘Get a theme’ that works with elementor. If you want to your website it features a Default WordPress Theme. Now to use elementor in your site, We have to obtain a theme that works with elementor.

You will find large amount of WordPress Styles can be found which are suitable for elementor.For example Astra, OceanWP, Neve, Hestia plus much more. Astra and OceanWP are typically the most popular WordPress Styles. They’re Responsive Lightweight and simple to personalize. So both of these Styles are highly suggested So use a theme and Activate it.

Considering how important a role website plays today, especially if it is a WooCommerce site, providing a website with a security plugin like WP Reset or WP Force SSL is a must.

So we now have effectively installed the theme which works with elementor. After you have installed the theme

So next thing is establishing Elementor WordPress plugin in your site. This is actually the wordpress plugin which will help to you build pages in your site, inside a visual way. To have this wordpress plugin let’s return to the dashboard and visit Plugins and check for elementor. After Searching elementor Click install and activate it. So now you must installed the wordpress plugin in your site. and you’ve got effectively completed establishing elementor, in your site.

After you have setup Elementor in your site. Now you can visit the final step, which would be to ‘Start Building your website, using Elementor’.


Building Your Website with Elementor

To construct your site with elementor, you must do 4 steps.The first step would be to ‘create your homepage’. So Homepage may be the page, which your users might find, once they first go to your website. To make your homepage, Let’s visit pages, And click on ‘add new’ Now here, you have to enter a reputation for the page. firstly you can create your  homepage, you are able to refer to it as ‘home’. How to start creating this site using elementor Simply click ‘Edit with elementor’ And it will lead you for this section, where one can make your page.

Hre, we’ve two ways to produce a page, using elementor. The very first way is by using the weather that are right here After which drag them into in which you want, to produce your page. Your house you need to give a heading You can easily drag heading element and drop it in which you want and you can enter your personal text How to add a picture Just drag this element and drop it. So drag the weather and begin creating your page.

Another way to produce a page, would be to import the ready-made designs available in Elementor. So, let’s see the best way to produce a page while using readymade designs available in elementor. So to produce a page Click this link


And here you’ll find different page designs, which you’ll supplment your site. So take a look at these designs

And choose the main one you want and merely click it you can also begin to see the preview of methods the page looks To add any page to your website, Simply Click ‘insert’ and you’ll got the whole page, to your site. After you have got the look How to publish this site in your website, all you need to do is, simply click publish. as well as your page is going to be printed to your website


So you’ve now learned how to produce a page using elementor. But how can you change these contents? So next let’s see the best way to alter the items in the page, that you simply imported. To edit the information, Go to page and click on edit with elementor. You can now change any content yoy want after altering content simply click Update and all sorts of your changes is going to be saved.

If you want to your website And click on ‘refresh’ you will notice your page continues to be updated however if you simply open a brand new window, and see your site’s homepage, you will find that it’s still empty. and also the page you produced, seems on the separate page, known as “/ home”. Now rather of resembling this,How can we get this to page as the homepage

So next, let’s visit step two which would be to ‘set the page we produced, as our homepage’. To set our homepage, for this page let’s visit our wordpress dashboard, go to settings, and click on studying Now here you will notice this method Known as ‘your homepage displays’. Which is now set to ‘latest post’ meaning it’ll show the newest blogs in your homepage. How to keep your page you produced because the homepage, First you have to pick a ‘static page’, After which choose the page we produced, as our homepage. So let’s click here… & then select ‘home’, The page we produced and click on save changes.


So now you must effectively set the page you produced, as the homepage. Now see your site and refresh it You will find that, you have already got your homepage. Making this the best way to set your homepage.

You may create seprate page for the blogs and personalize your page with elementor or put ready to use designs you would like. if you wish to create more pages it is simple to personalize we elementor you can include Sections and column and pictures heading and various widgets.You may also install different Elementor Addons that will increase the widgets. You can also watch youtube videos to obtain more expert in Elementor.

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