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How To Create A Timeless Kitchen

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Creating a timeless kitchen is something that many of us would like to do. When we think of a timeless kitchen we think of somewhere that has a calming atmosphere. It’s a kitchen that will look good even in 5-10 years time. It’s not a kitchen that’s kitted out in the latest trends. 

So how can you create a timeless kitchen? We’re going to look at this now. 

Have Neutral-Colored Cabinets 

Any good interior designer will tell you that neutral-colored cabinets are the way forward. You don’t want to have cabinets that are very bright and colorful. After a while, cabinets such as these can begin to look dated. 

Rather, opt for cabinets that are light green, cream, beige, pale blue, or pale gray. These are all colors that are likely to look good in a few years time. 

Mix Up Both Old And New 

A good way for you to make sure that your kitchen looks timeless is to mix old and new things. Get inspiration from kitchens that have already stood the test of time. Think about those kitchens that were created in the last 100 years but still look good. 

Take a look at those layouts, decorative features, appliances, and anything else that’s stood the test of time. Balance an old layout, for example, with some new appliances. Make sure that they look good together and help your kitchen to function well. When they do, your kitchen will be even more of a pleasure to spend time in. 

Use Freestanding and Fitted Elements

Some timeless kitchens look simply wonderful when they combine freestanding and fitted elements. For example, you could have open shelves opposite fitted shelves. When you use fitted elements you help your kitchen to become bigger. You give it more usable space. This can be ideal if you have a small kitchen. 

Freestanding elements can help to add a bit of personality to your kitchen. Adding a kitchen island, for example, can make it look good. 

Mixing freestanding elements with fitted ones can help your entire kitchen to have a timeless and classic design. 

Use Simple Paneling On Your Cabinets

We have already seen that neutral-colored cabinets work well. However, you can go one step further and use simple paneling. You don’t need elaborately-designed cabinets for your kitchen to look good. Opting for simple paneling can make your kitchen look a lot less dated over time. 

You may even want to go so far as opting for glass doors on some of your cabinets. Doors such as these can open your kitchen up a little. They can also help to create that timeless look. Glass doors can be ideal if you have a small kitchen. They can help it to reflect the light and ensure your kitchen looks timeless and bright. 

Use the above tips to help you to create a timeless kitchen. While there are some beautiful on-trend kitchens they can look old after a while. Create a timeless kitchen that will look good for many years to come. 

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