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How to Build the Perfect PC for Gaming and Business

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A lot of business owners are also gamers and gaming can be a great way to let off steam after a tough day. It has also been proven that gaming can enhance cognitive abilities and give you tons of attributes that will make you a better business owner. Finding a machine that can work both for business and gaming can be tough, however, which is why we would suggest that you at least consider building your computer instead of buying one. Here’s how to build the perfect PC for gaming and business.

Start by Learning the Components

If you’re just getting started with building PCs, you should start researching the parts needed to build a PC right now. You need to know which parts are the most important and where you’ll need to be more careful during their installation. Learn what could go wrong during an installation and which parts are compatible or not with others. If you want to learn the parts needed to build a gaming PC, Lenovo has everything you need.

Get a Good Processor

You don’t need the best processor on the planet to play games, but you may need one for your business. If you use 3D imaging programs, for instance, or have to edit 4K video, then you will need a powerful processor. Most image manipulation programs require a strong processor, and the strength of the processor will affect your ability to multitask which we are sure you have to do often with your business. So, we would suggest that you don’t get anything lower than 2.5ghz with 4 cores and 8 threads if you use heavy programs.

Get a Good Graphics Card

If you have the money for it, then you could get the most powerful card that you can reasonably buy. But, in most cases, you will be just fine with a mid-tier card. Anything in Radeon’s RTX 30 series selection should be more than enough for most business owners looking for a capable gaming machine that won’t break the bank. But if you want to play at an elite level or play games that use technologies like ray tracing, then you might want to look at upper-tier AMD cards. Here, we would suggest that you look at their RTX 6000 range and see what could work for you.

Good RAM and Storage

You also need to get high enough RAM to run multiple applications smoothly and play games with as little lag and missed frames as possible. You should go with a 16GB stick at the very least. Also make sure that you get enough storage, especially if you deal with very large files. You should at least get 1TB of SSD storage. Make sure that it’s of the right kind too, as some SSDs are faster than others and it will affect gaming performance.

This is all you need to know if you want to build a PC that will allow you to play the game you love and run your business efficiently. Be very careful, however, and have a solid foundation before you even think of building your own machine or you might regret it.

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