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Home Security Tips to Protect Your Belongings

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Home Security Tips to Protect Your Belongings

According to statistics, in 2015, Australia has been in the top 5 countries that had the highest rate of domestic robberies, worldwide. That’s enough proof that your home needs to be fully secured at all times. Whether you’re leaving it to go to work or you’re planning a vacation, when you’re out, your belongings are at risk of theft unless your home security is at the highest level. If you need more home security tips that will help you protect your belongings, keep on reading. 

Invest in a surveillance system

Surveillance systems are essential in today’s homes. Knowing that you’ll have every corner of your property covered with cameras that will record 24/7 will offer the necessary peace of mind. Look for some of the best surveillance systems on the market and book your installation as soon as possible. Install cameras in front of the home, in the backyard and cover all the rooms that are potential intruder magnets. Living rooms and offices are the most targeted areas because they are filled with valuable tech items. TVs, computers, smartphones, game consoles and stereo surround systems are just some of the electronics burglars will target.

Order a safe

Speaking of the most desired objects for burglars, aside from having the property covered with a surveillance system, offer them additional protection. Don’t keep all the valuables in plain sight but keep them safely stored in a safe. Order one and install it in a concealed area other than what you usually see in the films. Decide on a password that won’t be easily guessed and that only the family members will know. Keep valuable jewellery inside, as well as, all the personal documents and important electronics. 

Get an insurance policy

Ensuring your home is covered with an insurance policy is another vital step in safeguarding your home. So, get home insurance that will cover any loss or damage to your home caused by theft, attempted theft or burglary. Sometimes unforeseen events can cause your protection to fail you, and in that case, home insurance will be there to compensate for any potential losses. 

Alarms will provide additional safety

Alarms are another invaluable feature that will help you protect your belongings. Secure front doors, back doors, and all windows with a built-in alarm system. Don’t forget the upstairs windows because burglars will try to find any weak spot on your property and use it to their advantage. Therefore, secure every entry point and make it impossible for them to break in without being noticed. The alarms will alert the neighbours and inform the local police about the break-in, making the burglar run away before they make any damage to your property or your belongings.

Consider smart landscaping

If you have a large backyard and you love to nurture the landscaping by yourself, don’t leave ladders, stools, and other equipment close to the shrubs. Burglars will know how to use them and access your property much more easily. Preferably, trim your shrubs and plant lower-growing flowers so that you have a clear view of the entire property and the street. Have you ever considered garden and curb side lights? Install high quality motion-activated outdoor lighting to disable a potential intruder from trying to break in. Not only will those lights put thieves in the spotlight, but they will also offer beautiful décor during evening gatherings in the backyard. Not to mention, add more charm to your curb appeal. Other technological innovations like a safety alert app will also come in handy: you get more opportunities to ask for help in a critical situation, and thus, protect your home, too.

Lights with timers

Another invaluable security measure that will prevent the burglars from detecting your house as a potential mark is to install lights with timers. That is especially convenient for vacation seasons. However, if you have the timers set to turn the lights on and off every day at the same time, the burglars won’t be able to know if you’re home or away, no matter how much research they do on you. So, don’t make it too apparent when you go on a vacation because that’s the time when your home will be the most vulnerable.

Implementing some or all of the mentioned security measures will make your home more protected than before. Have peace of mind all the time by installing alarms, reliable surveillance systems, motion-activated lights, getting an insurance policy and making sure your landscaping is burglar-unfriendly. 

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