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Getting Lost At The Mall? Learn To Use Shopping Malls Locator

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So, you get puzzled every time you step into malls!

First, there is nothing to be embarrassed about here. 

Do you know many people avoid going to malls for shopping not due to expansive tags of things but due to the fear of being lost and puzzled in the multiple twists and turns of malls? 

Shopping is fun. But shopping from a mall gives an experience unlike any other. Decked out in majestic interiors, stunning slides, and multiple floors, malls offer a new vibe – you will struggle to find anywhere else. Indeed! Malls have much more to offer than shopping! The gorgeous malls boast a great shopping experience with many awe-inspiring restaurants and stunning nightlife.

But all these experiences can spoil if you get lost and keep finding your friends or stores the whole time. To avoid these oops moments, shopping malls locator with stores come in handy.

Here are some finest ways to make your next trip to ‘shopping malls location in USA great fun:

Wayfinding kiosks

Wayfinding kiosks are an important part of any shopping mall, as they help people get to their desired destination. They can show you where you are on a 2D map and highlight the different floors with different colors. Wayfinding kiosks can also be interactive. For example, visitors can search for different items based on a keyword or a category.

These kiosks are often placed in high-traffic areas and can be excellent places for advertising. They can be used to showcase new tenants or individual store promotions or for important information like mall-wide events.

Conversational agent

No one wishes to be lost in a mall. So, to mitigate the chance of getting trapped in the giant arms of malls, conversational agents come into play.

In December 2017, the Mall of America introduced a new app that can help you find your way around the mall. Developed by Satisfi Labs, the chatbot answers complex questions and guides you to the right stores. It is available on both the mall’s mobile app and website. The mall also offers Pepper robots that help lost shoppers navigate their way and provide suggestions.

Almost every mall installs these conversational agents to keep their visitors informed about the mall map. You can easily track shopping malls location in USA using these elite agents.

Location QR codes

QR Codes linked to Waze or google maps are a great way to boost sales for shopping malls and retailers. Customers love to scan them to learn about new sales, accessories, and favorite brands’ collections and locate the stores. You can easily navigate the easiest ways to stores in giant malls using a location QR code. 

The first thing you need to do is decide where you want to place your QR Codes. Most malls use dynamic QR Codes, which change as the theme and design of the mall change. The design and the content of your QR Codes should be easy to change and user-friendly.

Indoor maps

Indoor maps can be useful in many situations. For example, they can help you navigate a mall when you get lost or alert you to upcoming sales. They can also be useful in hospitals, where hallways are crowded and confusing. The most important thing about indoor maps is that they should be easy to use and look natural as an extension of the app.

Many shopping malls have indoor maps, which help people navigate. These maps often have stationary locations, making getting lost in a vast space difficult. For example, the map can give directions to the store’s department if you’re looking for a certain item. You can also review the map on Google Maps to see where specific departments are.

Guided wayfinding

Another useful way for mall navigation is wayfinding. As its name suggests, they provide a quick map of malls’ interiors and are placed at multiple corners in malls.

A successful system of guided wayfinding at a shopping mall has a number of benefits. Not only does it help the customer find the items they need, but it also benefits the owners and leasing teams and the marketing and asset management teams. In addition, a sound wayfinding system can increase the number of repeat visitors.

The goal of wayfinding should be to provide customers with value and satisfaction. Today, consumers place more importance on atmosphere and service than on price and product quality. It is, therefore, imperative for retailers and shopping malls to understand their customer’s needs when developing a wayfinding system. They should also ensure that the system is consistent and reflects their brand.

So if it comes as a big challenge for you to find the ‘shopping stores location in USA’, this guide has revealed some finest and easiest ways to make your shopping as easy as a cakewalk in malls.  So next time you plan a trip to malls, make sure you use the mall locator to get the best ways to favorite stores.

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