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Five Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Wooden Fence

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A wooden fence is a beautiful addition to any home. However, they have to be rightly maintained. Otherwise, they may become eyesores. Wood is a material that starts deteriorating and causes damage.

Did you notice that your wooden fence is not looking great as it used to be! It may be time for a replacement. A careful homeowner walks along their fence now and then. If you notice these 5 signs on your wooden fence, consider the thought of modification.

Leaning Fence

A fence is the protector of your privacy. It must stand as a strong, tall barrier. Children and pets are safe inside a fence. The unsightly views from outside stay at bay because of the fence.

A fence is a privacy and property protector. When your fence starts to falter, it is time to replace the fence. Do not wait for the fence till it completely collapses. Contact Fence Company Near Me Mendham NJ.

There can be several reasons for which a fence might lean. Usually, there is something wrong with the posts. Posts hold fences in place and are anchored into the ground. A fence can also start leaning when the posts rot despite having secure bases. If the railing of your house is weakened by rot, it may begin to lean under the fence’s weight.

Discolored Wood

Faded color is one of the most notable signs of weakened wood. As the color fades away, it loses the pleasing aesthetic. This is a sign that wood is losing its strength. Wood Fence Rockland County NY uses tanalized timber on their fences. It is highly recommendable. Tanalized timber offers rot-proof, durable wood. Such fences can last for a long time (10-20) years.

Holes in Fence

Even the best wooden fences are subject to forces like organic materials, cold, heat, rain, sun, etc. The natural elements leave a side effect on it. Insects and pests like termites, carpenter bees, ants, carpenters, and bugs can also take a toll. Some tiny fungi or plants can rot out of wooden posts. A wooden fence will likely fade away when these forces combine over time.

Rotting Wood

Moisture seeps into fence wood due to the cloudy, rainy climate over time, causing rotting. You can’t fix the weather. And once this happens, the wood is generally irreparable.

The only option is to replace it. When you notice yellow and grey stains on the fence, it means the fence has started to rot. It may grow moldy soon. Consider this as a warning of replacement.

Missing Board

As the fence becomes older, the boards can start getting loose. Eventually, they fall off. Watch out if the fence is structurally compromised. This can be pretty dangerous if there are children in your house.

A missing board does not look attractive, either. With a missing piece of board, your privacy is also exposed. Contact Wood Fence Rockland County NY to fix the problem.


A well-installed wooden fence usually lasts for a long time. At Wood Fence Rockland County NY we install fences for the long run. A fence of suitable quality materials followed by appropriate maintenance can sustain for a long time. An annual painting adds good looks to it. But when it is time to replace it, do that for your good.

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