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Complete Guide To Facebook Locked Profile Viewer

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facebook locked profile viewer

Facebook is continually modifying its policies and procedures to deliver a better service and experience for its users. To discover stuff, there are always some workarounds available. Due to technical problems or mistakes, Facebook may not always have a safe manner of securing information, which might allow unauthorised individuals direct access to personal information. 

The site offers a variety of services tailored to the needs of its users, including the ability to build a personal profile, business pages, and groups to interact with friends or for commercial purposes. You will be asked to give your personal information as well as a profile image when you register for a new Facebook account on the social media site.

The platform provides the option to conceal or lock your profile images and other photographs from certain people, non-friends, and strangers to protect your personal information. This tool may help users secure their personal information and keep them safe from strangers, stalkers, and prying eyes.

This privacy option is used by users who do not wish to post a high-resolution profile image in public and do not want others to be able to see it in an expanded view. However, there are a large number of users who, for a variety of reasons, desire to access protected Facebook profile images in full size.

Facebook Locked Profile Viewer: Trick No. 1

facebook locked profile viewer

Facebook Locked Profile Viewer

When it comes to the restricted profile photo URLs, Facebook uses a standard structure or kind of URLs. You may see the restricted photo in an expanded format by altering certain sections of the URL. You should thus get familiar with the URL format that Facebook employs before proceeding to this Facebook locked profile viewer trick.

According to the Facebook locked profile picture viewer by iStaunch, there are two sorts of URLs: the first is a small 160 × 160 px picture that is normally viewable on timelines, and the second is a long URL that is not accessible on timelines. The other is the public URL of the same picture, which has been expanded for your convenience. 

This expanded picture will be of the maximum quality available from the original image that was posted by the profile’s owner. The URL for the profile photo is made up of letters in the first half and digits in the second half. The letters control the size of the image and whether the public URL corresponds to a thumbnail image or a full-size image on the server. 

The numbers, on the other hand, serve as unique identification numbers. To access a private or closed profile image on Facebook, you must make a few changes to the public URL that is shown. Here’s how to complete this Facebook locked profile picture viewer by iStaunch:

  • Log in to your Facebook account by opening the social networking site.
  • Locate the profile whose photo you wish to view while it is locked.
  • Now, copy the username or profile id from the previous step.
  • To use this URL, replace the username with the copied username or profile id. For example https://graph.facebook.com/username/picture?width=800
  • To access the restricted Facebook profile picture, copy and paste the revised URL into a new browser tab.

There are a few more options for Facebook locked profile picture viewer by iStaunch:

  • Open any Facebook profile that has been locked.
  • Right-click on their profile photo and choose “Save target as.”
  • Select the option to open the picture in a new tab.
  • Sub-link tags such as s160x160 or s320x320 should be removed.
  • After that, press the enter key.
  • It will open a full-size, password-protected Facebook photo.

But if your every Facebook locked profile picture viewer methods fail, then you should try out the tools that we are about to list in the following section!

Facebook Locked Profile Picture Viewer: Trick No. 2

facebook locked profile viewer

Facebook Locked Profile Picture Viewer

You can manually perform some tricks to discover private Facebook profiles and their photos, but if you want to cut your research time in half and reduce the amount of hard work that you have to put in to view private photos, then you should choose the best Facebook locked profile viewer app. We have listed these apps in the following section:

  • PictureMate

facebook locked profile viewer


This is the best Facebook locked profile viewer app. You may use PictureMate to find out about someone’s private Facebook page if you want to find out about their personal life on the social networking site. PictureMate is a third-party plugin for the Google Chrome web browser that can be downloaded and installed on your computer. 

PictureMate is a fully free and simple-to-use application. For those seeking a solution that is completely free to use, PictureMate is a fantastic option to consider at first glance. This plugin may search for any private profile photographs that have been tagged by others, resulting in the discovery of the profiles.

  • FoneMonitor

facebook locked profile viewer


The second Facebook locked profile viewer app is FoneMonitor, which is useful if you want to keep an eye on any Facebook page you are interested in. This is a paid app that is accessible for both the iOS and Android platforms at the same time. You must know the iCloud ID to determine whether or not any accounts are connected with the email ID on Facebook.

  • Spyera

facebook locked profile viewer


Spyera is another excellent software for your iPhone or Android smartphone, however, it is a paid app once again. This will cost you $32 per month if you subscribe to the plan. However, for the time being, this is a very fair amount to pay to begin monitoring social activity on Facebook. 

You may use this Facebook locked profile viewer app to see private Facebook accounts on your Blackberry and Symbian smartphones, as well as on your iPhone. This Spyera, on the other hand, has been specifically designed for tracking reasons (like phone, text, etc).

  • MobileSpy

facebook locked profile viewer


MobileSpy is a spying application that can be downloaded and installed on a mobile device. MobileSpy is another programme made for Android users that allows them to monitor their handsets as well as their Facebook accounts. 

This MobileSpy application can provide you with detailed information on any private Facebook accounts. This feature provides you with an incentive to purchase it right away. The charge is $50 for three months, which is a very affordable price.

  • FlexiSpy

facebook locked profile viewer


FlexiSpy is an excellent choice if you want to record any action. According to its programme, the FlexiSpy software can spy on any Facebook account and discover the most sensitive information. Due to a large number of functions available, the price of $99 for three months is pretty affordable. FlexiSpy is available in many languages.

  • mSpy

facebook locked profile viewer


mSpy was specifically designed for parental monitoring and spying, which means that parents may now monitor and spy on any Facebook account associated with their kid. mSpy is capable of spying on text messages, Facebook Messenger, and other social media sites. This may be used to simply find information about secret Facebook accounts, as well as the location of a person’s mobile device.

  • Spyzie

facebook locked profile viewer


For Android devices, Spyzie is another excellent tool for Facebook locked profile picture viewer. This is the most affordable premium profile viewer that you can find. Spyzie has several features that allow you to track a device. Spyzie can access all of the information on any Facebook account.

  • iKeyMonitor

facebook locked profile viewer


iKeyMonitor is a completely different product in terms of functionality. This may be used in conjunction with parental control to establish a time limit for app use. This iKeyMonitor is capable of recording calls and monitoring chat sessions. iKeyMonitor is a pretty basic tool with just a few capabilities that costs $40 per month.

  • MobiStealth

facebook locked profile viewer


MobiStealth, which is accessible for both iOS and Android devices, is the ideal option for people looking for software that will operate on a phone that has not been rooted. MobiStealth may be readily installed and operated on smartphones that are not rooted. 

MobiStealth is an excellent tool for monitoring phone conversations and Facebook messages from a distance. If you want to use it as a Facebook profile viewer, you’ll need to upgrade to the Pro-X version, which costs $70 for a monthly subscription.

  • TruthSpy

facebook locked profile viewer


In addition to tracking location, TheTruthSpy is a free Facebook messenger monitoring programme that may be used for a variety of additional purposes. Furthermore, it can monitor calls, texts, and record live calls.

Facebook Locked Profile Picture Viewer: Trick No. 3

facebook locked profile viewer

Facebook Locked Profile Picture Viewer

Because profiles are restricted for those who are not friends when you become a friend of someone, their profile will instantly open up for you. That is, no one who is not a friend of the restricted profile will be able to read it. As a result, becoming his buddy is the most straightforward method to approach the situation. However, if you are unfamiliar with her, she may decline your friend request.

All you can do is send a request to a few of his pals to get the ball rolling. When a few individuals from his circle become your friends, and you make him a friend request, even if he doesn’t know you, he will assume that you are a member of his circle of friends and accept your invitation. As a result, he will grant the request.

Facebook Locked Profile Viewer: Final Trick

facebook locked profile viewer

Facebook Locked Profile Viewer

Send a message to the guy or girl whose profile you’d like to see more information about. You are free to write whatever you wish. Write something, on the other hand, that he feels compelled to respond to. I’m talking about writing something fascinating so that he will be intrigued.

Alternatively, you may pose a question that he would be interested in answering. If he responds to your message, you will be able to simply access his Facebook page and revel in the excitement of discovering a restricted Facebook profile.

Choose The Best Method For Facebook Locked Profile Viewer

facebook locked profile viewer

Best Method For Facebook Locked Profile Viewer

This article discussed the best methods or applications that you may use to check for any private Facebook accounts that have been made public. If you want to locate a Facebook profile that is not visible to the public, these applications use a variety of strategies to accomplish this. We hope you finally access the desired profile using our Facebook profile viewer tricks and applications.

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